Advice For Selecting Your First Piano Teacher

Piano is one of the most wonderful musical instruments to listen to.  Before the coming of the electronic boards, piano was the main keyboard instrument that has hardly missed with orchestra bands.  This can be one reason why Celine Gaurier-Joubert has become so obsessed with becoming a virtuoso piano player and teaching.  However, she did not climb the ladder, so to speak, as other piano greats have done.


Internet influence 


She saw the potential of making it good through the internet.  What she obviously missed out was on having a performance uploaded at YouTube!  That alone would help catapult her to heights of the piano-world.  The question is why does she not have even just a single video, or even just a recording, of her piano performances, if there were any?


With all the websites she and her husband have set up, it seems impossible to have overlooked the potential of posting video performances.  They should know how much YouTube contributes to the popularity of musicians!


Steve and Celine Gaurier-Joubert musicians


So Celine Gaurier-Joubert claims to be a master pianist and in all probability Steve would claim the same level as a guitarist.  Usually, if not often, couples who are both musicians jive into a performance that some audience will appreciate.  Why can’t they do that?  They might not have a passion for creating music or there’s even no way for them to play other music in their own version.  If they are both such good teachers of musical instruments, why don’t they have at least one student who has been noted as promising or outstanding?


Music niche


For one thing, they might have found a niche in the world of music.  It is not on how they perform but on how they can teach others on musical instruments.  In the music industry it is rare to have someone who became popular for having taught famous musicians.  Often, famous musicians would have through a series of mentoring from different teachers before they excelled.


Celine Gaurier-Joubert will still have to produce a student who will become famous at least in their own country.Reference taken from here .