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2008 June

23 - Game - Hard Puzzle: Confident19, Demonic07, Keiichi12, music11 (worth 2)
Quitters Cards: Confident11/18, Future13 and Potion15
21 - Game - Image Mismatch: Elegant16 (choice), Land01, Love20 (worth 2), Tv12, World19, Urd Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Kid10, Wings03 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Memory: Grant01, Gray04, Robot09 and Heaven Coupon
Game - Easy Puzzle: Demoness12, Infect09 and 2 Peningar
Game - Trivia: Recover02, Toraichi20, Demon Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Racer Hunt: battle03 (worth 3)
Game - Item: Divine14, Keiichi13, Promise14 and 3 Peningar
Game - Question: Grant08 and Mint03 (in exchange for Cherub20)
Game - Norse: Cherub20, Infect13, Keiichi09 and Skuld Coupon
Game - Fashion: Miniurd08/18 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Manga: prejoin07 (worth 3)
Game - Quote: Confident07, Music05 (worth 2) and Urd Coupon
Game - Guess: Future07, Rival03 and 2 Peningar
Game - Card Match: Heart03, Love02 (worth 2) and 1 Mark
19 - Mastered Mirror: Bikini04 (worth 2), Elegant10/11 (choice),  Moment06, Urd03, Belldandy Coupon, 1 Eyrir
Mastered Pure: Chibi12 (worth 2), Elegant12/14 (choice) Heart13, Moment02, Angel Coupon and 1 Eyrir
18 - Game - Card Collection: create15, elegant02, elegant03/05/07/08 (choice) ,fallen11, kitty16, mirror19 (choice), operate01, pure01/09/11 (choice), rose16, scarlet12, spell03 and 8 Eyrir
16 - Quitters Cards: Create03, Mara17, Ruler14 and TV09
09 - Quitters Cards: Confident04/16/20 and Ruler03
06 - Game - Trading Pot: Trading my chihiro09, heart02, fallen07/17 for  minibell15, proud17, pure06 and fallen01
Game - Fill in the Blank: Mint08, World20 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Lotto: Hell Coupon
Game - Speed Memory: Heart11, Love01 (Worth 2), Sayoko11 and Demon Coupon
Game - Easy Puzzle: Minimara19, Trouble06 and 2 Penningar
Game - Item: Immature05, Racer17, Skuld02 and 3 Penningar
Game - Handout: White03 (Worth 2)
Game - Race: Band11 and Demoness04
Game - Question: Minimara12 exchanged Potion01 for Create18
Game - Norse Trivia: Hild06, Minibell07, Takano14 and Demon Coupon
Game - Fashion: Cherub12, Heart09 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Manga: Prejoin03
Game - Card Match: Fallen08 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Guess: Demonic11, Master13 and 2 Penningar
Game - Hard Puzzle: Black10 (worth 2), Gentle07, Minibell01 and Possess20
Game - Trivia: Shrunk17, Sister02, Goddess Coupon and 3 Penningar
04 - Game - Trivia: Immature11, Minibell06, Urd Coupon and 3 Penningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Meddle02, Proud09 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Whose Item: Mint13, Possess13, World17 and 3 Penningar
Game - Racer Hunt: Belldandy Coupon, Demon Coupon and Special Coupon
Game - Question: Robot04
Game - Norse Trivia: Grant18, Miniurd05, Scarlet01 and Mortal Coupon
Game - Fashion: Kitty08, Sora03 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Manga: Snow10 (worth 3)
Game - Hard Puzzle: Black05 (worth 2), Cherub20, Genius11 and Otaki11
03 - Game - Easy Puzzle: Angelcsm13, Demonic20 and 2 Penningar
Game - Memory: Bikini09 (worth 2), Chihiro20, Future12 and Mortal Coupon
Game - Card Match: Contract18, Sister09 and Skuld Coupon
Game - Guess: Elegant01, Kitty19 and 2 Penningar
Quitters Cards: confident01, divine10, future05 and nobel15
New card freebies: Grant11/12, Mixed18 and Sister10/15

2008 May

27 - Game - Skuld Handout: Snow05
12 - Game - Card Match: Keima10, Small07 (worth 2) and 1 Mark
Contest - Acronym: Chibi04 (worth 2) (choice), Fallen17, Mirror17/18 (choice), Morgan11, Present11 and Skuld Coupon
Game - Easy Puzzle: Angelhb13, Kitty02, Wings11 and 2 Penningar
Game - Memory: Chihiro15, Music04 (worth 2), Pure10 and Belldandy Coupon
Game - Guess: Keiichi10, Possess01 and 2 Penningar
11 - Game - Hard Puzzle: Genius17, Infect17, Swim01 (worth 2) and Wish11
Game - Goddess Trivia: Future02, Morgan11, Demon Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Dumb Question: Divine08
Game - Norse Trivia: Fallen17, Heart02, Compete17 and  Belldandy Coupon
Game - Fashion: Rose19, World10 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Manga: Snow01 (worth 3)
Game - Quote: Angelcsm06, Small20 (worth 2) and Special Coupon
10 - Mastered Bell: Bikini18 (worth 2), Keiichi19, Mirror15/16 (choice), Urd08, Puzzle Coupon and 1 Eyrir
07 - Game - Hild Card Collection: Bell08/09/11 (choice), Mirror14 (choice), Past16, Proud01/10 Skuld01 and 4 Eyrir
Game - Easy Puzzle: Band09, Kitty03 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: lack15 (worth 2), Otaki04/16 and Morisato Coupon
Game - Card Match (1): Demonic15 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Guess: Heart19, Noble01 and 2 Penningar
Game - Racer: Snow08 (worth 3)
Game - Fill in Blanks: Heiress20, Velsper03 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Whose Item: Fighter20, Minibell20, Takano19 and 3 Peningar
01  - Quitters Cards: Bell18/19 and Promise04/20

2008 April

27 - Game - Image Mismatch: Devotion09 (worth 2), Mirror13 (choice), Potion15, Proud06, Youth04, Urd Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Easy Puzzle: Gentle07, Velsper02 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Divine12, Seduce08 (worth 2), Sora10 and Angel Coupon
Game - Match: Fallen07 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Guess: Kitty04, Morgan01 and 2 Peningar
23 - Game - Easy Puzzle: Gentle10, Minibell13 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Devotion04 (worth 2), Noble18, Promise13 and Heaven Coupon
Game - Guess: Fallen14, Kitty14 and 2 Peningar
Game - Goddess Trivia: Proud15, Robot14, Morisato Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Cherub01, Takano01 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Item: Fighter12, Future14, Wings13 and 3 Peningar
Game - Question: Mirror09 and trading Fenrir18 for Mirror06
Game - Fashion: Noble06, Promise03 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Chapter: Xmas05
Game - Race: Angelcsm02, Angelgr03 and Rider06
Game - Card Match: Chihiro09, Noble09 and Skuld Coupon
Game - Quitters Cards: Bell12/13/14/15
19 - Mastered Present: Mirror03/04 (choice), Moment02, Past02, Swim11 (worth 2), Morisato Coupon and 1 Eyrir
17 - Mastered Fairy: Adult03, Love11 (worth 2), Present16/19 (choice), Sayoko20, Demon Coupon and 1 Eyrir
15 - Card Shop: Chibi13 (worth 2) and Gentle 13 - 1 Special Coupon and 1 Puzzle Coupon
Mastered Adult: Fairy17/18 (choice), Host07, Small16 (worth 2), Spell02, Morisato  Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Mastered Megumi: Fairy19/20 (choice) Fenrir02, Gray11 (worth 2), Urd04, Angel Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Mastered Gentle: Angelwe12, Band01, Music09 (worth 2), Present03 (choice), Heaven Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Mastered Chibi: Bikini03 (worth 2) (choice), Music13 (worth 2), Present06/07/08 (choice), Sayoko08 and 1 Eyrir
Leveled to Tree Spirit: Fallen19, Keima11, Maintain11, Potion01, Present09/10/12, Scarlet02 and Velsper01
14 - Card Shop: Megumi03/04/09/10/11/12/16 - 7 Morisato coupons
Adult01/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/14/15/16/20 - 12 Skuld coupons
Chibi11/12/14/17/18/20 (worth 2) at 60 Peningar
Gentle02/03/04/05/07/08/12/16/17/18/20 at 77 Peningar
Quitters Cards: Bell06/07 and Pure12/13
Game - Easy Puzzle: Band18, Wish13 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Bell16, Bikini12 (worth 2), Lind19 and Hell Coupon
Game - Guess: Promise12, Wings17 and 2 Peningar
Game - Card Match (2): Lind07, Peorth04 and Angel Coupon
12 - Mastered Peorth - Fairy11/15 (choice), Immature14, Love03 (worth 2), Minstrel05 and and Morisato Coupon.
11 - Game - Hild's Card Collection: Fairy01/06/07,  Fairy05, Maintain06, Minimara08, Mirror07, Peorth17 (choice) and 4 Eyrir
Game - Fashion: Pure07, Wish10 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Quote: Gentle10, Swim05 (worth 2) and Goddess Coupon
09 - Game - Hard Puzzle: Angelcsm17, Black01 (worth 2), Fallen16 and Noble02
Game - Race Hunt: Black04 (worth 2), Fighter03 and 3 Peningar
Game - Question: Promise06
Game - Trivia: Kitty13, Proud14, Racer14 and Morisato Coupon
Game - Handout: Bikini16 (worth 2) and System15
08 - Game - Fill in the Blank: Miniurd06, Chihiro12 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Trivia: Divine07, Kid19, Demon Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Item: Chihiro09, Fallen15, Otaki02 and 3 Peningar
06 - Game - Easy Puzzle: Angelcsm02, Keiichi17 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Future17, Mint12, Swim02 (worth 2) and Angel Coupon
Game - Card Match (2): Fenrir18, Rose15 and Special Coupon
Game - Guess: Fairy10, Morgan05 and 2 Peningar
Quitters Cards - Round 3: Pure14/15/16/17
04  - Contest - Caption Contest Round 3 - 1st: Chibi04 (worth 2) (choice), Heaven19, Kid16, Peorth07 (choice), Small15 (worth 2) and  Mortal Coupon
Contest - Acronym Contest March - 1st: Chibi08 (worth 2) (choice)Keiichi16, Noble12, Peorth08/13 (choice), Wonder01 and Demon Coupon
Contest - Image Mismatch March:
Bikini06 (worth 2), Clone15, Demonic08, Operate09 and Skuld Coupon

2008 March

29 - Game - Easy Puzzle: Genius07, Kid13 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Fallen10, Ivory14 (worth 2), Morgan14 and Hell Coupon
Game - Guess: Shrunk05, Youth09 and 2 Peningar
Quitters Cards - Round 3: Mirror08/12 and Pure03/04
27 - Game - Fashion: Kitty18, Minimara09 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Quote: Angelwe12, Devotion07 and Morisato Coupon
25 - Game - Hunt: Fenrir19, Kid08 and Rider10
Game - Dumb Question: Skuld20 and Trading Belle10 for Skuld18
Game - Norse Trivia: Lance12, Mint17, Pure05 and a Mortal Coupon
23 - Game - Trade Pot: Traded Chibi10 (worth 2) and Tv14 for Chibi16 (worth 2) and Minimara08
Mastered Water: Ivory14 (worth 2), Kitty16, Peorth01/02 (choice), Recover14, Angel Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Game - Hard Puzzle: Genius06, Minibell05, Music07 (worth 2) and Wish14
Game - Item: Mint11, Peorth19, Robot15 and 3 Peningar
22 - Trade: Traded Icera AngelWE08/13, Heaven15, MiniSkuld02, Mint04, Rose02 Black10/16 (worth 2), Gray17/18 (worth 2), for AngelHB01/07/20, Gentle01/19, Megumi13, Peorth03/04/05/09/15/16, Bikini06 (worth 2)
21 - Quitters Cards: Bell03/05 and Bikini18 (worth 2)
Game - Goddess Trivia: Divine04, Noble19, Angel Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Hild17, Megumi05 and 1 Eyrir
20 - Ninja Card Trade in - Ninja01/06/07/11/18/20: Demonic01, Heart16, Lance06 and Water07/11/15 (choice)
Mastered Xmas: Devotion06 (worth 2), Fallen07, Maintain09, Meddle09, Prejoin01 (worth 3) (choice), Water16/18/20 (choice), Demon Coupon and 1 Mark
Game - Easy Puzzle: Demoness10, Operate04 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Devotion15 (worth 2), Heaven15, Master14 and Angel Coupon
Game - Urd's Card Match: Innocent10, Spell07 and Hell Coupon
Game - Guess: Heaven11, Heiress05 and 2 Peningar
18 - Easter Egg Hunt - 10: Shrunk12
Easter Egg Hunt - 3: Demonic03, Gentle06, Kitty10 and Miniskuld02
Easter Egg Hunt - 1: Heart07, Shrunk08 and Morisato Coupon
Easter Egg Hunt - 8: Heart12 and 1 Mark
Easter Egg Hunt - 6: Clue
Easter Egg Hunt - 2: Mint14, Operate08 and Swim19 (worth 2)
Easter Egg Hunt - 11: Hell Coupon, Morisato Coupon, Skuld Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Easter Egg Hunt - 7: Rose02, Small03 (worth 2) and Puzzle Coupon
Easter Egg Hunt - 5: Angelhb18 and World19
Easter Egg Hunt - 12: Fenrir18 and Seduce11 (worth 2)
Easter Egg Hunt Grand Prize: Battle06 (worth 3), Compete20, Fenrir03, Fenrir04,  Kimono01 (worth 3), Miniskuld06/09/15 (choice), Xmas09 (worth 3) (choice) and Xmas10 (worth 3)
15 - Game - Easy Puzzle: Genius12, Takano18 and 2  Peningar
Mastered Wonder: Racer13, Seduce14 (worth 2), TV14, Water04/06 (choice), Belldandy Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Game - Memory: Lance09, Love10 (worth 2), Noble20 and Skuld Coupon
Game - Match: Heaven14 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Guess: Mint04, System02 and 2 Peningar
Easter Egg Hunt - 4: Music13 (worth 2) and 3 Peningar
Easter Egg Hunt - 9: Minibell18, Minimara02, Tv07 and Velsper14
Trade: Kajouka traded Bikini07/12 (worth 2), Peorth10/18, Prejoin02 (worth 3), Swim01 (worth 2) and Water18 for my Heiress14, Love07/10 (worth 2), Possess04/17/18 and Wish08/09/12/20
14 - Game - Hilds' Card Collection: Double11, Fairy09, Minstrel14, Ruler17, Sayoko03, Skuld05, Wonder03/08/11/12/13/18 (choice) and 6 Eyrir
Mastered Urd: Black16 (worth 2), Lind04, Scarlet08, Wonder20 (choice), Water01 (choice), Skuld Coupon, and 1 Eyrir
Leveled Up to Demon 1st Class: Robot18, Scarlet13 and Water03 (choice)
Quitters Cards Round 3: Adult18, Peorth06 and Water13/17
06 - Used 1 Morisato Coupon and 2 Urd Coupons for Keiichi06 and Urd15/18
Game - Hard Puzzle: AngelGR15, Seduce01 (worth 2), Sora12 and Gate15
Game - Dumb Question: Mint15 and Exchanged Potion20 for Wonder01
05 - New Puzzle Deck Freebies: Angelhb08/13 and Angelwe08/13
Trade - Icera offered Adult05, Present04/14, Wonder10 and Urd13/20 for my Meddle07, Mint05/18, Robot07 and Wings10/16
Mastered Spell Deck: Chibi10 (worth 2), Takano15, Urd11/14 (choice), Wish20, Belldandy Coupon, and 1 Eyrir
Game - Fashion: Potion01, Moment14 and 1 Eyrir
04 - Game - Trivia: Minstrel06, Warrior10, Hell Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Racer12, Takano10 and 1 Eyrir
03  - Contest -Acronym Contest - Third: Chihiro08, Spell14/19 (choice), Wonder07 and Puzzle Coupon
Contest - Caption - First:
Chibi03 (worth 2) (choice), Keiichi04, Love07 (worth 2), Tv14, Urd03/09/10, Skuld Coupon, 1 Mark
Game - Freebies: Skuld Coupon
Seduce04 (worth 2) and Gray18 (worth 2)
Game - Easy Puzzle: Bell17, Genius09, and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Bikini05 (worth 2), Peorth12, Present20 and Belldandy Coupon
Game - Card Match - Matched 2: Aoshima20, Peorth14 and Urd Coupon
Game - Guess: Elegant13, Wonder15 and 2 Peningar
Game - Find Racer: Divine18, Megumi06 and Seduce12 (worth 2)

2008 February

- Trade: Traded Danika Lind01/02/06/15/19, Moment01 and Warrior02/07 for Present05, Promise11, Urd08, Water02, Gentle15, Protector09 and Chibi10
New Deck Freebies: Meddle07/12, Mint05/18 and Wings10/16
Quitters Cards: Ninja06 and Otaki12
19 - Game -  Image Mismatch:  Future01, Holy18, Ivory18, Possess10, Spell11 (choice), Goddess Coupon and 3 Peningar
Lowering Prizes Freebie: Bikini10
Quitters Cards: Toraichi02, Toraichi03, and Otakai08
Game - Puzzle: Gentle09, Student01 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Music17, Otakaio9, Toraichi16 and Belldandy Coupon
Game - Guess: Past04, Peorth20 and 2 Peningar
Game - Match: Megumi19, Small04 and 1 Mark
17 - Game - Card Collection: Promise01 for Week 2
Game - Card Collection: Promise10 and 17 for Week 3
Game - Handouts: Heiress14 and Toraichi14
Game - Item: Chihiro14, Host06, Ninja18 and 3 Peningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Gate06, Minstrel02 and 1 Eyrir
14 - Trade: Traded Divine06/07/18, Nobel07, White06/09 and Snow05 to Icera for Fairy02/09 Spell18 Protector01/20 Wonder09/16 Chibi12/19
Game - Trading Pot: Tv10 for Urd07
Game - Question: Fallen03 and Hild04 Traded in my double of Hild14
Game - Fashion: Moment08, Ninja20 and 1 Eyrir
12 - Trade: Traded Bell12/13/14/15/18 to Tanakil for Adult04/17, Spell12/17 and Urd12
Mastered Holy: Gray17, Host13, Past03 Spell04/07 (choice), 2 Morisato Coupons and 1 Eyrir
Leveled up to Demon Second Class: Gate08, Rival17 and Spell10 (choice)
Game - Goddess Trivia: Divine16, Lind01, Urd Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Norse Trivia: Mirror07, Wish08, Youth11 and Morisato Coupon
11 - Mastered Goddess: Bikini15, Sayoko06, Spell02/03 (choice), TV10 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Puzzle: Divine06, Present18, Trouble11 and 2 Peningar
Trade: Traded Danika Prejoin07 and Peorth05 for Xmas04 and Holy01
Game - Hard Puzzle: Gentle11, Ivory09, Minstrel08, Posess04 and Belldandy Coupon
Game - Memory: Chibi05, Pure02, Urd02 and Urd Coupon
Game - Matched 2: Potion02, Water12 and Demon Coupon
Game - Guess: Maintain10, Racer09, Wish19 and 3 Peningar
Quitters Cards: Chihiro04, Hild14 and Minstrel01
07 - Trade: Tanakil traded Protector06 for Confident20
06 - Game - Hard Puzzle: Bell20, Megumi14, Rider19, Swim09 and Demon Coupon
Game - Guess: Lind15, TV04, Warrior02 and 3 Peningar
Quitters Cards: Hild07 and Ivory19
04 - Game - Acronym Contest: Bell10, Chibi02 (choice), Holy03/04 (choice), Otakio01, Racer16 and Morisatio Coupon
Game - Easy Puzzle: Confident18, Urd06, Water08 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Aoshima03, Maintain13, Devotion03 and Heaven Coupon
02 - Game - Card Collection: Goddess13, Goddess08/09 (choice), Holy10,  Holy12/18 (choice) Sora07, Water09 and 4 Eyrir
Game - Dumb Question: Maintain03 and traded Rival02 for Holy08
Game - Fashion: Spell15, Urd16 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Item: Bell02/18, Possess02 and 3 Peningar
Game - Blank: Aoshima09, Urd04 and 1 Eyrir

2008 January

30 - Game - Goddess Trivia: Goddess20, Minstral13, Mortal Coupon and 3 Peningar
Game - Handout: Potion20
Game - Norse Trivia: Adult03, Present15, Robot20 and Urd Coupon
29 -  Mystery Box #2: Devotion17, Goddess07 (choice), Grey02 and Swim12
Game - Easy Puzzle: Adult13, Double06, Genius06 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Hild04, Past14, Small18 and Demon Coupon
Game Hard Puzzle: Bikini01, Confident12, Goddess17, Wonder17 and Skuld Coupon
Game - Guess: Mara03, Hild13, Promise10 and 3 Peningar
Quitters Cards - Round 2: Promise01
Quitters Cards - Round 1: Holy02 and Fairy16
25 - Game - Trading Pot: Black04 and Maintain14 for  Devotion02 and Holy20
23 - Trade: Icera offered Holy05 and Spell09/16 for Future07 and Create08/15
Game- Easy Puzzle: Present01, Promise19, Genius20 and 3 Peningar
Game - Hard Puzzle: Holy19, Protector16, Water14, White06 and Belldandy Coupon
Game - Memory: Divine01, Double18, Black11 and Goddess Coupon
Game - Card Match (three matched): Black10, Gate04 and 1 Mark
Game - Guess: Adult19, Fallen02, Past16 and 3 Peningar

21 - Game - Handout: Bikini20
Contest - Caption Contest Runner-up: Fairy05, Goddess20 (choice), Sora08, Morisato Coupon and 3 Peningar
Trade: Offered Jennbunny Pure08 and Wish12/19 for Urd17 and Chibi19 [pending]
Trade: Offered Tanakil
Confident02/06/16 for Fairy04/13/14
Quitters1: Prejoin06
Quitters2: Elegant18
19 - Game - Easy Puzzle: Confident06, Create08/15 and 2 Peningar
Game - Memory: Elegant19, Ivory04, Megumi20 and Morisato Coupon
Game - Guess: Elegant15, Mirror05/20 and 3 Peningar
Game - Fashion: Bell10, Possess17 and 1 Eyrir
8 - Game - Guess: Lind06, Ruler07, Urd01 and 3 Peningar
Game - Fill in the Blank: Potion18, Pure08 and 1 Eyrir
7 - Game - Hard Puzzle: Confident18, Music13, Pure19, Water19 and Morisato Coupon
Game - Whose Item: Divine07, Warrior09, Wish01 and 3 Peningar
Game - Memory: Bell14, Bikini13, Hild14 and Demon Coupon
6 - Contest - Christmas Carol Contest, First: Random: Divine09, Morgan10, White09 and Demon Coupon Choice: Goddess01/04/15, Xmas01 and Xmas02
Game - Hild's Card Collection: Donating Rival02/10 [pending]
Game - Easy Puzzle: Confident02, Potion13, Rival01 and 2 Peningar
Game - Dumb Question: Past 20 and traded Morgan10 for Goddess05
5 - Game - Norse Trivia: Divine18, Megumi14, Wish19 and a Mortal Coupon
Game - Fashion: Megumi07, Possess18 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Hild's Card Collection: Goddess17
3 - Game - Goddess Trivia: Bell12, Minstral14, Urd Coupon and 3 Peningar
2 - Game - Hard Puzzle: Genius03, Holy07, Holy11, Swim17, Belldandy Coupon and Demon Coupon
Game - Match: Ivory02, Potion17, Wonder06 and Belldandy Coupon
Game - Guess: Past13, Wish12, Wonder04 and 3 Peningar
Naming Set: Pure18 and Skuld Coupon
Offered trade to Icera, my Potion17, Ivory01, Rider07 and Youth17 for Devotion06, Goddess19 and Wonder02/14

2007 December

30 - Bugs Found: Heaven14 and Rival02
Game - Item Mismatch: Double03, Goddess10 (choice card), Lind19, Mirror11, Demon Coupon and 3 Peningar
New Deck Freebies: Adult02, Gate05, Pure20, Seduce18 and Snow05
Game - Easy Puzzle: Elegant09, Trouble01, Warrior07, Morisato Coupon and 2 Peningar
28 - Game - Mara's Fashion Show: Host01, Mara11 and 1 Eyrir
Game - Megumi's Who's Item: Moment19, Spell08 and 3 Peningar
Trade: Wish14 for Kajouka's Holy16
Game - Trading Pot: Student05, Cherub06 and Keiichi09 for Holy10, Spell05 and Megumi08
Game - Easy Puzzle: Potion20, Wish15, Trouble09, Hell Coupon and 2 Peningar
Trade: Keiichi02 and Student05 for Jennbunny's Holy17 and Spell01
24 - Skuld's Freebies: Hell Coupon
Advent Calender: Confident11, Devotion12, Genius12, Hild06, Matain14, Present27, Hell Coupon, Morisato Coupon, 1 Mark and 1 Eyrir
Christmas Give Away: Chibi01, Goddess16, Goddess18 and Xmas07
Game - Guess: Present02, Tv10, Wonder05 and 3 Peningar
Advent Calender: Black04, Confident09, Moment09, Music15, Rider07, Toraichi07, Wish14, Xmas08, Xmas10, Belldandy Coupon, Urd Coupon, and 2 Marks
Game - Dumb Question: Morgan13
22 - Advent Calender: Chibi10, Mirror01, Sora09, Trouble10, Urd05, Urd Coupon and 1 Mark
Traded: Past02/03/05, Tv01, and Urd05 for Iceras Fairy03, Holy13, Mirror02 and Swim13
21 - Advent Calender: Chibi07, Genius07, Future13, Minstrel16, Mortal Coupon, 1 Eyrir and 4 Peningar
Game - Norse Trivia: Keiichi02, Lind02, Megumi17 and Urd Coupon
20 - Advent Calender: Genius19, Hild08, Skuld04, Spell20, Angel Coupon, Morisato Coupon, 1 Eyrir and 2 Peningar
Lind's Hard Puzzle: Bell04, Music14, Protector15, Urd19, Angel Coupon and Puzzle Coupon
Trading Momen08 to Starr for Goddess13
Advent Calender: Bell01, Genius10, Wonder17, Xmas06, Demon Coupon, Hell Coupon, 1 Eyrir and 3 Peningar
18 - Advent Calender: Bell13, Genius04, Otaki07, Angel Coupon, Skuld Coupon, 1 Eyrir and 1 Peningar
Reporting an Error: Mirror10
Traded Cherub08, Cherub18, Possess02 and Possess16 to Kajouka for Goddess06, Holy14, Holy15 and Megumi15
Game - Keiichi's Speed Memory: Chibi06, Double10, Moment17 and Heaven Coupon
17 - Advent Calender: Cherub08, Confident03, Future07, Xmas05, Skuld Coupon and 1 Eyrir
Bi-Weekly Game - Belldandy's Goddess Trivia: Moment08, Past05, Heaven Coupon and 3 Peningar
16 - Game - Mara's Easy Puzzle: Confident16, Nobel07, Urd17, Skuld Coupon and 2 Peningar
Advent Calender: Cherub06, Ninja01, Past03, Angel Coupon, Heaven Coupon, and 4 Peningar
Game - Skuld's Handouts: Student05, Present11 and Special Coupon
Leveled from Rat Ninja to Genie: Goddess02, Hild09 and Past19
15 - Advent Calender: Megumi01, Nobel03, Peorth11, Xmas03, Demon Coupon, Morisato Coupon, and 3 Peningar
14 - Advent Calender: Aoshima17, Holy09, Moment01, Angel Coupon and 2 Peningar
13 - Advent Calender: Posses15, Rival10, Goddess Coupon, and 1 Peningar
New Deck Freebies: Devotion10, Possess02, Sayoko18, Small01 and Student05
11 - Weekly Game - Lind's Hard Puzzle: Chibi09, Fallen10, Gentle12, Prejoin07, Present10, Goddess Coupon and Urd Coupon
Skuld Coupon for response email
10 - Weekly Game - Keichii's Speed Memory: Bikini02, Megumi02, Promise17 and Demon Coupon
Weekly Game Game - Mara's Easy Puzzle: Double01, Gentle 14, Water05, Angel Coupon and 2 Peningar
08 - Traded: Innocent07, Mirror10 and Mirror01 to Kajouka forPrejoin05
04 - Weekly Game - Lind's Hard Puzzle: Confident20, Divine14, Ivory01, Urd04, Heaven Coupon and Mortal Coupon
03 - Bi-Weekly Game - Megumi's Whose Item: Elegant04, Noble16, Wonder19 and 3 Peningar
02 - Weekly Game - Mara's Easy Puzzle: Spell06, Fairy12, Protector18, 1 Goddess Coupon and 2 Peningar
Weekly Game - Keichii's Speed Memory: Bikini15, Nobel14, Tv01 and 1 Demon Coupon
Bi-Weekly Game - Belldandy's Goddess Trivia: Mirror01, Past02, Skuld Coupon and 3 Peningar01 - Starter Pack: Black04,Cherub18,Elegant06,Future10,Goddess11, Foddess12, Host04, Innocent07, Megumi18, Music09,Ninja07, Ninja11, Noble12, Prejoin07, Prejoin10, Present13, Robot07 and Youth17
Bi-Weekly Game - Peorth's Norse Trivia: Bell15, Fairy08, Wish03 and a Skuld Coupon
Bi-Weekly Game - Sayoko's Fashion Show: Mirror10, Peorth05, and
1 Eyrir

2007 November
27 - Random Freebies: Keiichi09, Morgan10, Chibi15, Skuld Coupon and Angel Coupon.
21 - Prejoin Freebie: Took Prejoin03.
21 - THANKSGIVING Freebie: Took Goddess03, Goddess14, Holy06, and Spell13.