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 July 2009
- Vote: hiatustoken2
04 - Game - Drink Me: hiatustoken
Game - Report: hiatustoken3, hiatustokenchoice
Game - Riddle: hiatustoken3
Game - Scene: hiatustoken3
Game - Puzzle: hiatustoken2
Game - Memory: hiatustoken2

April 2009

03 - Trade: Traded Platinum - my magician06, songwhatsthis05, and member card for setting13, songmobsong14, and member card
Trade: Lindsay - my songfinalereprise14, songjackslament03, songkidnapsandyclaws08, songpoorjack01/12, songthisishalloween05/12, and songtownmeeting04/08 for songasecretrevealed03, songmobsong08, charaurora05, spadversary03/14, spa06
Trade: Sherry - my fantasia02/05, and member card for setting10 and member card

March 2009

08 - Game - Pink or Blue: 1 choice filler, spc15, neverland01, charwalle06, and  songwhistlewhile02
Contest - Fantasmic: forest13, charkovu12, and charmarie01
Trade: Traded Rue my songprincewillcome14 for songprologue12
Trade: Traded Enni my songsvirginiacompany09/13 for songmobsong08 and songwestwing06
Trade: Traded Kim2 my sword22, songbaby05/15, songwannabelikeyou06,and songstreeturchins05 for charbelle13, charphillip04/12, and groove23/27
Game - Song: songhakunamatata11, songjacksobsession14, and songsally07
Game - Scramble: bug13, honor05, and honor16
Game - Clothes: chargiselle11, and charkida14/15
Game - Location: lifted10, neverland29, and spots03
Game - Song Match: roar18, twist15, and songonelasthope02
Game - Memory: songyoucanflyreprise08 and charkiara08
Game - Card Riddle: glitch12, orphan14, and songsteadybeatingdrum08
Game - Quote: band05, spirit25, and charflora11
Spring 2009 Event: petal, spring0901, charbernard208, and chargenie03
Spring 2009 Event: petal, spring0902/03, songiwontsay12, and songprologue07
Game - Circle of Life: songfinale04, songhumanagain13, and fantasia22
Trade: Traded Colette my rat28, roar14, wonderland12, and songoodelally07 for songtransformation02, 03, songwestwing13, and songsomethingthere06

February 2009

20 - Trade: Traded Crash my charariel11 for fantasia04
Trade: Traded Colette my 200013/29, songnutcrackersuite15, songpompandcircumstance03, and songworksong07 for songwestwing11, songtothefair07, songbattleonthetour04, and spa04
Game - Apple: jungle12 and songapirateslife05
Game - Spot the Lie:
songyoucanflyreprise04, songfinale10, and charbianca204
15 - Very Good Advice: mother14, charzira13, songwhyshouldiworry11, and return08
Game - Cinderella's Collection: dinosaur27, songyourmotherandmine05, and hero07 (worth 2)
Game - Report: 1 choice card, honor28, outcast18, songbuscando07, and songjasminerunsaway03
Game - Crossword: honor10, monster16, twist14, songgirlworthfightingfor15, and songvirginiacompany07
Game - Circle of Life: groove09, melodytime09, mermaid21, and songbibbidi03
Game - Word Search: birds22, newcar27, rescue15, and songbeastletsbellego10
Game - Patch of Heaven: bug22
Game - Trivia: attack27, incredible27, pride30, and songfrustration04
Game - Television: caballeros20, newcar26, and songfinale13
Mini-Event - Valentine's Day: songsheneverfeltalone10, songskumps04, charpeterpan05, and charradcliffe02
07 - Contest - Icon:  icon31/32/33, monster02, songcaucusrace07, songvirginiacompany11, and charshang03
Contest -
Acronym: songdaughtersoftriton09, songsonofman09, and charkuzco06
Event - Pink Elephant 1 & 2: charvitani07, charwendy08, songdalmatianplantation15, songdefinedancing05, groove05, and half06
Mastered - Icon #1, SongSkumps, and SongHailToThePrincess:
songskumps07, songhailtotheprincess14, songhousecleaning01, fantasia26, find27, flower28, fly29, forest30, songbibbidi11, songblossoms10, songbuscando06, songcantwaittobeking07, songcarnivalofanimals08, charsimba03, charstitch04, feline14 (worth 2), and hero02 (worth 2)
Trader - 300 and 400: trader300/400
Voting for Writing Contest:
Trade: Traded
Snoorella my enchanted20 and Member Card for songavemaria04 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Kate my treasure25/28, songbaldmountain06, songbeastletsbellego11(double), songthisishalloween05, songsally02 for songtothefair10, songfinale12, songhousecleaning15, songtrueloveconquersall15, setting05
Trade: Traded Mimi my birds13, fly25, songtopsyturvy12/14, and songwholeneworld05 for charbelle01, fantasia23, songasecretrevealed06, fantasia16, and songwestwing01
Game - Pink or Blue: forest08, charathena14, charkiara01, and charwendy08
Game - Song: songbellanotte10, songfathomsbelow15, and songiwannabelikeyou06
Game - Scramble: perfect18, rat16, and tintoy21
Game - Clothes: charesmerelda12, charjasmine02, and charmufasa03
Game - Location: caballeros27, sea28, and sword03
Game - Lottery: charrafiki01
Game - Match: songcourtofmiracles11, songlove10, and songsmoketheblighterout01
Game - Memory: songsally11 and charlilo02
Game - Quote: 200013, game24, and charmufasa07
Game - Card Guess: toy223, twist24, and songunfortunatesouls08
Game - Cinderella Collection - Donated: -songdistancereprise10 and -sky22

January 2009

31 - Trade: Traded Enni my Spirit25 for SongWestWing04
Trade: Wendy my Neverland04 and Member Card for Bee03 and Member Card
Trade: Colette - my half21, home25, strength30, songpastoralsymphony03/15, and sondreamisawish11 for 200009, songtothefair10/13/14, and songwestwing02/08
Game - Cinderella's Collection: caballeros, songavemaria06, songbaby15, charlilo04,  love05 (worth 2), and magician06 (worth 2)
Game - Scavanger Hunt: cardchoice, charrafiki05, and walle30
Vote: chipmunk05, mystery22, and songbattlewithevil02
25 - Trade: Traded Aibell my songaroundtheriverbend10/12/14 for songskumps06, songbattleontower13/15
Trade: Traded Colette my slipper24 and songladytobed04 for songbattleonthetower01/02
Trade: Traded Layna my item08, songblossoms11, charjasmine15 for songskumps05, songasecretrevealed09, songfinale03, and songtransformation05
Trade: Traded Hatoko my friends25/28 and member card for songfinale03, songsorcerersapprentice04, and member card
Game - Behind the Scenes: 200008, journey17, and charalice13
Game - Cinderella Collection - Donation: -songgaston05
Game - Cinderella Collection - Donation: -songhellfire11
Game - Lottery: chareric08
Game - Code: songhigitusfigitus13, songmadmadammim06, and songtourofthekingdom12
Game - Shadow: bee02, big01, and  chargus15
Game - Puzzle: birds13, spirit06, and sky10
Game - Voices: charalice12, charmelody01, and charmelody06
Game - Wonder - Stage III: newcar30, songbarenecessities02, and songgirlworthfightingfor05
Game - Memory: songinfinityandbeyond02 and chareric04
20 - Trade: Traded Arianne my songcaveofwonders15 for songfinale02
Trade: Traded Kim2 my sea23, songbarenecessities13, songhappyending10, jungle09/10/18/23/30, songcolonelhathismarch14, songhathireprise07, songkaninecrunchies05/13, songiwannabelikeyou01/04/05/09, and songpoorbear03/07 for 200010, CharBelle04/09/10, songtothefair08, songwestwing03, Setting08 (worth 2), melodytime25, tintoy11/13/14/25, songcarnivalofanimals02/09, and songpastoralsymphony03/04/15
10 - Game - Song: songcircleoflifereprise14, songhunsattack13, and songverygoodadvice03
Game - Word Scramble: incredible28, spirit18, and wild16
Game - Character: charariel03, charjane07, and charjasmine15
Game - Location: boundin16, peach16, and songonejumpahead02
Game - Lottery: songcaucusrace14, songpoorjack02, and songtrustinme02
Game - Song Match: big13, songkingofpriderock01, and songsavages03
Game - Memory: songhunsattack04 and songlovewillfindaway01
Game - Card Riddle: bee15, tintoy12, and songmylullaby15
Game - Quote: boundin19, neverland21, and pedigree08
Trade: Traded Colette my songlogpuller15, songcaucusrace02, songitsmorning13/14 and sothisislove05 for hailtotheprincess12, songbattleonthetower09, songtransformation15, trueloveconquersall12 and prologue04
05 - Game - Lies: songbelle11,  songbeprepared12, and chareric05
Game - Poison Apple:
songblossoms14, songbuscando03, and attack26
Trade: Traded Layna my cars10, songlistenwithheart201, songtoccatafugue11, and songbaldmountain11 for songbattleonthetower12/14, songmobsong06 and songtransformation11
Trade: Traded LuckyClover my songthisishalloween03 for songhailtotheprincess01
Game - Collection: love12, newcar25, songhunsattack06, and charariel11
Crash my songpaintingroses06/09/12 for songmobsong12,  and songwestwing04/07
Trade: Crash my spirit02/22 for songhailtotheprincess02/04
04 - Contest - Icon- Participant: Icon28/29/30, apple13, songbaldmountain10, songlongago02, and songunfortunatesouls07
Contest - Acronym - Third: cook22, outcast01, songbaldmountain12, and songbuscando06
Game - Report: 1 choice filler, lamp04, return19, songalogpuller03, and songsorcerersapprentice06
Game - Crossword: big01, game13, outcast14, songavemaria15, and songvisitors01
Game - Circle of Life: 200007, wonderland02, and songcolorsofthewind03
Game - Word search: fantasia15, game27, songpianoconcertono206, songtothefair02, and songyouvegotafriend11
Game - Patch of Heaven: chipmunk15, dreams11, tintoy07, and songworldgoround08
Game - Deck: sleep10, songbattlewithevil02, and songpartofyourworld09
Game - Trivia: 200012, lifted19, outcast09, songfairiesplan01, and songpaintingroses15
Game - Television: believe08, bug13, honor07, toy01, and songoogieboogie05
Game - Collection - Donating: songstreetsofgold10

December 2008

29 - Trade: Traded Rhap-chan my Incredible30 for Fantasia29
Trade: Traded Arianne my songsothisislove09 for songprologue03
Trade: Traded Kim2 my songvanessa01/07 for songprologue15 and songhailtotheprincess03
Game - Cinderella Collection: hero15 (worth 2), songaroundtheriverbend10, songasecretrevealed12, perfect05, and tinker27
Game - Song: songheighho10, songshakehands03, and songsundayclothes09
Game - Scramble: friends17, pride03, and sleep24
Game - Clothes: mystery01, slipper24, and songhonortousall14
Game - Location: caballeros19, songitsmorning13, and songtoccatafugue05
Game - Lottery: sea23, songlistenwithheart201, songrhapsodyinblue04, and songunderthesea12
Game - Song Match: newcar14, ohana19, and songpompcircumstance04
Game - Match: bee04, sea17, and songbellanotte09
Game - Card Riddle: songimlate07, songpompcircumstance03, and songsonofman06
Game - Quote: fancyfree21, songdrumreprise03, and songpaintingroses13
27 - Contest Voting: bear05, bond12, and songlistenwithheart208
Writing Vote: songsorcerersapprentice11
25 - Trade: Traded Arianne my songsothisislove09 for songprologue03
Mini Event - Gift 2: apple11, outcast07, roadtrip08, songdalmatianplantation12, songgospeltruth112 and 1 Choice Filler
Mini Event - Gift 3: rescue15, songjumpaheadreprise11, songnightingale05, and 1 Choice Filler
24 - Trade: Traded Enni my adversary10 and songmorningreport08 for humanagain11, housecleaning13 and finale05
Trade: Traded Lindsay my khearts204 for skumps15 and songsomethingthere15
22 - Trade: Traded Shen my songrhapsodyinblue08, songyouvegotafriend14, songcarnivalofanimals01, heroine01/10/15 (worth 2) for songhumanagain12, songskumps13, fantasia02/12/13/24, and songnutcrackersuite03/10/11
Trade: Traded Crash my hero03 for fantasia08 and neverland04
21 - Trade: Traded Suza - my flower19, songmulansdecision05/11/15, khearts12 and member card for songfrustration10, songhailtotheprincess15, songprologue13, songtothefair01/05, songbeastletsbellego15 and member card
Prefix Suggestion: Rose18, SongFrustration05, and Setting03.
Mastered - SongFrustration, Rose, Christmas, and SongBeastLetsBelleGo: rose19, songbeastletsbellego03, songbeastletsbellego05, songbeastletsbellego10, songbeastletsbellego12, songprologue01, glitch23, groove01,  half23,  hollow21,  home06, honor07, songtherescue08, songtobefree04, songtodiefor01, songtopsyturvy14, songtourofthekingdom08,  songtownmeeting03, songtrashinthecamp09, songtrueloveconquersall01, songtrustinme07, songunbirthday14, songunderthestars02, songvirginiacompany13, speciala09 (worth 2), adversary10 (worth 2), aves06 (worth 2), and canine01 (worth 2)
18 - Mastered - Winter09: christmas10, boundin22, songonceuponadream05, songonejumpahead04, and songonelasthope12
Turned in 4 Choice Fillers for:
christmas20/25 and rose05/16
17 - Cinderella's Collection Reward: 200029, songlegendofthelamp02, trio08 (worth 2), thieves09, and songjig07
Winter 2009 Event - 11th Day: winter0912/13, wonderland12, songmobsong15, songonceuponadream02, and songsothisislove09
Winter 2009 Event - 12th Day: winter0914/15, fly10, junkyard19, neverland15, tintoy08, and songbaldmountain11
15 - Mastered - Autumn08, SongPinkOrBlue, SongBeOurGuest, SongGiftBeautySong, SongGaston, SongMaleficentAppears, and SongEvilSpell: songgaston01/09, songmaleficentappears08/09, songevilspell03/11, christmas30, hunny10, incredible21, journey23, jungle09, junkyard29, lamp10, lifted24, songblossoms02, songcantwaittobeking15, songcarnivalofanimals01, songcaucusrace02, songcaveofwonders12, songcolonelhathismarch07, songcolorsofthewind13, songcourtofmiracles02, songcruelladevil15, songdanceofthehours04,  songdaughtersoftriton01, songdefinedancing15, songdistancereprise01,  songdreamisawish06, songeverchasechickens04, songhelivesinyou14, songinfinityandbeyond01, songjackslament03,  songmalleycat03, songnewyorkcity07, songoodelally12, duo09 (worth 2), equine12 (worth 2), father08 (worth 2), feline07 (worth 2),  hero03 (worth 2) and heroine01 (worth 2)
14 - Game - Cinderella Collection: Donated songiwannabelikeyou14 and Twist27
Level Up to Enchanter: songbeourguest08, songgiftbeautysong08, songbedtimestory15, songbellanotte02, half21, and adversary08 (worth 2)
13 - Game - Song: songbellanotte12, songfirebirdsuite02, and songtransformation07
Game - Scramble: big15, cars28, and outcast02
Game - Character: fantasia30, twist27, and songdaughtersoftriton02
Game - Location: rescue07, spots04, and songgodhelptheoutcasts02
Game - Song Match: monster07, songjacksobsession07, and songmakingchristmas14
Game - Memory: hollow02, lost25, and songlespoissons09
Game - Card Riddle: songbaldmountain06, songcruelladevil04, and songkissthegirl09
Game - Quote: 200030, songnutcrackersuite15, and songpianoconcertono208
Winter 2009 Event - 3rd Day: winter0903, friends28, songfrustration03, and songjasminerunsaway05
Winter 2009 Event - 4th Day: winter0904, band27, spirit22, toy14
Winter 2009 Event - 5th Day: winter0905, songbeastletsbellego11, songgaston02, and songlongago11
Winter 2009 Event - 6th Day: winter0906, believe23, cauldron10, and friends02
Winter 2009 Event - 7th Day: winter0907/08, ducktales29, friends25, songcarnivalofanimals05, and songunderthestars10
Winter 2009 Event - 8th Day: winter0909, mystery04, peach13, and songhappyendagrabah05
Winter 2009 Event - 9th Day: winter0910, cook29, junkyard11, and songtherescue14
Winter 2009 Event - 10th Day: winter0911, thieves05, songbeacatreprise01, and songmorningreport08
07 - Contest Acronym: roadtrip06, songgaston05, and songladytobed03
Double Turn-in: Turned in my neverland25, outback15, outcast29, sleep25, wild08, songawakening15, songbeastletsbellego06, songbeautybeast06, songbelle03, songblossoms11, songfinale09, songfriendsarefor12, songfrustration11, songgaston05, songhappyendagrabah05, songhappyending05, songheighho02, songhonortousall05, songhumanagain03, songkidnapsandyclaws06, songtherescue15, songsomethingthere12, songthestorm08, songtransformation12, and songtrueloveconquersall14 for future29, game26,  glitch21,  groove21, songimlate02, songimwishing06, songinfinityandbeyond14, songinmyheart03, half20, hollow19, home25, honor10, hunny11, songintothesunlight13, songitsmorning14,  songiwannabelikeyou14, songiwonder03, songiwontsay02, songjackslament02, songjacksobsession03,  songjafarshour13, songjig06,  songkaninekrunchies13, songkingofpriderock03, songladytobed01, songlistenwithheart114, songmaleficentappears04, songmalleycat01, songnewyorkcity06, and toy16
Trade: Traded Jess my cars29, monster04/08, mermaid09/26, and cook08 for christmas13, songevilspell04, songgiftbeautysong13, songtransformation14, and setting12 (worth 2)
06 - Game - Collection - A: 200027, songfirstdate15, and magician11 (worth 2)
Game - Circle of Life: 200015, songasecretrevealed11, and songevilspell01 + Heroine10 (worth 2) for having Kajouka's member card
Game - Report: 1 Choice Card, melodytime30, neverland25, songbedtime13, songhesatramp11, and songmulansdecision11
Game - Crossword: sky06, thieves13, songbeacat04, songcaveofwonders09, and songvanessa05
Game - Patch of Heaven: rat25 and songtherescue15
Game - Create a Deck: strength14, songskumps12, and songyouvegotafriend07
Game - Television: bear22, roar15, songmalleycat05, songmanoutofyou09, and songtakesamoment11
Game - Poison Apple: 1 Choice Card, Flower19, and songhelivesinyou13
Game - Pinocchio's Lie:
songhathimarchreprise13, songhawaiianwarchant14, and fancyfree27
05 - Autumn 2008 Event - Zeus' Zoology: autumn0812, hollow18, and orphan11
Winter 2009 Event - 1st Day: winter0901, cauldron25, and songsiamesecat08
Winter 2009 Event - 2nd Day: winter0902, outcast27, songdanceofthehours04, and songgaston05

November 2008

30 - Trade: Traded Laura my Nightmare25/26 and Member Card for Rose11, SongPrologue09, and Member Card
Trade: Traded Kim2 my SongAWholeNewWorld12/14, SongDaughtersOfTriton08/10/11, SongDestructionOfGrotto08, SongEricToTheRescue05/06/09/12, SongKissTheGirl08/15, SongPartOfYourWorld01/11, SongTourOfTheKingdom07/15, SongUnderTheSea01/07/12, and SongYourWorldReprise06 for Bee10/14/17, Fantasia20, Melodytime10/11, Neverland09/17/27, SongASecretRevealed10, SongGaston10, SongGiftBeautySong06, SongOoDeLally03/15, SongPinkOrBlue10, SongToTheFair02, SongTrueLoveConquersAll03, SongWhatsThis04, and Setting01 (worth 2)
Autumn 2008 Event - Artemis' Astrology: autumn0811, songiwonder06, and songyouvegotafriend10
Autumn 2008 Event - Cyclops' chemistry: autumn0813, outback02, songfinale09, and songimwishing05
Autumn 2008 Event - Megara's modern arts: autumn0810, aristocrat03, pride02, and roar07
Autumn 2008 Event - Final: autumn0814/15, sword22, and songonesong09
Trade: Traded Enni my SongCantWaitToBeKing05/07, SongBePrepared02, and SongHawaiianWarChant08/10 for SongBeOurGuest01/05/09, SongASecretRevealed04, and SongGiftsBeautySong05
Game - Song: songbaby12, songcarnivalofanimals11, and songoogieboogie03
Game - Word Scramble: band22, groove01, and spirit02
Game - Clothes: christmas29, find20, and songbaldmountain13
Game - Location: neverland06, songmulansdecision15, and songsteadybeatingdrum02
Game - Lotto: hunny12, tintoy01, songkidnapsandyclaws13, and songprinceali03
Game - Song Match: hollow22, songlongago15, and songmarketplace14
Game - Memory: strength30, songinmyheart13, and songriteofspring01
Game - Card Riddle: songhappyending02, songpaintingroses10, and songsorcerersapprentice12
Game - Quote: songgirlworthfightingfor03, songnutcrackersuite05, and chipmunk15
29 - Mistake catch: songdefinedancing07
Game - Pinocchio's Lie:
strength29, songjacksobsession05, and songjumpaheadreprise14
Game - Poison Apple: songkidnapsandyclaws06,  songkissthegirl04, and thieves28
Trade: Traded Anne-Marie my Perfect14 and Member Card for SongGiftsBeautySong03 and Member Card
Vote: SongToBeFree14
23 - Trade: Traded Enni my Roar22 and Member Card for Rose10 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Rue my junkyard12 for songbeastletsbellego08
Misc. - Remade Master Badges: 1 Choice Filler
Game - Song: songgoldenafternoon03, songhonortousall05, and songmanoutofyou15
Game - Scramble: band10, future23, and melodytime26
Game - Clothes: hollow21, songmarketplace02, and songonadarknight02
Game - Location: band02, newcar09, and songtigerfight02
Game - Lottery: find21 and lifted19
Game - Song Match: songonadarknight08, songphonykingofengland15, and songverygoodadvice05
Game - Memory: boundin11/17 and songerictotherescue10
Game - Card Riddle: songcircleoflife14, songmakingchristmas10, and  songonejumpahead08
Game - Quote: hollow06/20 and songwithasmile02
Game - Crossword: band17, bee30, songdaughtersoftriton13, songthisishalloween03, and songvanessa02
Game - Circle of Life: ohana09 and melodytime16
Game - Word Search: 200014, cars04, songaladdinsword03, songfinalereprise07, and songoutthere03
Game - Patch of Heaven: orphan22, twist07, songburnedoutvillage10, and songmyown03
Game - Special Deck: pedigree06, songhappyendagrabah05, and songtherescue14
Game - Trivia: outback29, songgoldenafternoon15, songiwannabelikeyou01, songpoorbear15, and songvirginiacompany06
Game - TV Clip: bee23, future11, songblossoms11, songheighho14, and songskumps09
Game - Voice Actor: outback15, songbattleonthetower06, songkissthegirl11, songsothisislove08, and songwholenewworld07
18 - Master - Mastered Belle Reprise and Frustration: songiwonder11, songpinkorblue08, perfect14, puppet25, songsothisislove05, songsteadybeatingdrum15, songstrangethings12, songstrangerslikeme11, songstreetsofgold12, songstreeturchins05,  aves09 (worth 2), and canine15 (worth 2)
Cinderella Collection - Villains: apple08, songwholenewworld12., and setting02 (worth 2)
14 - Trade: Traded Arianne my mystery22, caballeros20/30, songnightingale10, and member card for songtothefair06, songtransformation12, songwestwing10, songprologue08, and member card
Game - Cinderella Collection - Took down: Ducktales20 and SongBePrepared03
Game - Cinderella Collection - Received: Bond03, Boundin17, Songinfinityandbeyond12, songinmyheart05, and setting06 (worth 2)
Lindsay my Ohana01/02/18, SongSavages02, and SongMineMineMine11 for Christmas03, SongFrustration09, SongSkumps04/14 and SongPinkOrBlue13
08 - Trade: Traded Layna my Pedigree15, Spirit05/19, and SongAroundTheRiverbend06/08/09/15 for Christmas18, SongBattleOnTheTower07, SongBelleReprise03, SongGaston02, SongSomethingThere01/14, and SongTransformation04
Contest - Icon - Icera Favorite: Mother05 (worth 2)
Contest - Acronym - Participate: ducktales20, songheavenslight05, and songjig13
Contest - Icon - Participate: Icon25/26/27, big28, honor02, songendtitle01, and songthebattle13
Contest - Fantasmic - Participate: mermaid26, songmalleycat06, and songwhistlewhile11

Game - Song Match: attack08, perfect17, and songsymphony507
Game - Card Riddle: songkissthegirl07, songsymphony504, and songthestorm08
Game - Quote: big18, flower04, and songhawaiianwarchant08
Game - Memory: cars29, songbaldmountain11, and songwhistlewhile12
Game - Report: 1 Choice Card, attack17, sleep25, songcircleoflifereprise12, songfrustration11, and songtransformation12
05 - Trade: Traded Crash my SongManOutOfYou03/04 and Member Card for SongSomethingThere12, SongOnceUponADream07, and Member Card
03 - Re-Birth - Question 10: glitch17, songbellsofnotredame05, and khearts204 (worth 2)
Trade: Traded Birgitte my Archer09/15 and Member Card for SongBelleReprise05, SongTrueLoveConquersAll14, and Member Card
Trade: Aibell my songifineverknewyou11, songlistenwithheart101/07, songsavages03/05/09, songdrumreprise06/13/15, and member card for songbeastletbellego13, songbellereprise10, songgaston14, songhumanagain08/13, songtothefair09, song-giftsbeautysong01, songmaleficentappears11, songonceuponadream09, and member card
Game - Song: songaeiou01, songdaughtersoftriton11, and songhumiliation02
Game - Scramble: hunny30, neverland30, and spirit11
Game - Clothes: lost02, songheighho02, and songtourofthekingdom08
Game - Location: glitch17, lifted15, and songtransformation08
Game - Lotto: junkyard18, spots07, and wild17
02 - Trade: Traded Rhap-chan my Groove03/09 for Songthemobsong07
and Songiwonder02
Game - Cinderella Collection - Red: heroine15 (worth 2), twist24, and songrhapsodyinblue08
Game - Cinderella Collection - Setting:
big20, songtoccatafugue11, and trio14 (worth 2)
Trade: Traded S
hen my 200013, aristocrat18/27, birds03, and songhonortousall15 for christmas16, songbellereprise13, songevilspell05, songmobsong14, songfrustration12
Vote: Birds02, SongHawaiianWarChant10, and SongHonorToUsAll12
Re-Birth - Question 1: monster20and songjafarshour09
Re-Birth - Question 2: songavemaria08
Re-Birth - Question 3: songreflection02 and songstreetsofgold10
Re-Birth - Question 4: melodytime05
Re-Birth - Question 5: songhappyending05
Re-Birth - Question 6: orphan29 and songaroundtheriverbend08
Re-Birth - Question 7: songalogpuller15
Re-Birth - Question 8: groove05
Re-Birth - Question 9: cook08 and fantasia07

October 2008

19 - Game - Poison Apple: Lose, remove songverygoodadvice08
Game - Pinocchio Lie: toy18, songitsmorning09, and songweareone12
Forum Trouble: setting04
Game - Collection - REMOVING: Red - songstreeturchins12, Setting - songnewyorkcity05, and Duo - songburnedoutvillage13
Game - Song: songaeiou10, songifineverknewyou03, and songsally13
Game - Word Scramble: groove16, journey03, and strength15
Game - Clothing: forest20, rescue19, and roar14
Game - Location: cars06, songbeacat03, and songsmoketheblighterout11
Game - Lottery: 200013, songcantwaittobeking07, and songgothedistance04
Game - Song Match: future16, songstrangethings03, and songworksong07
Game - Memory: archer04, hunny14, and songthisishalloween04
Game - Card Riddle: songlongago01, songpinkorblue11, and songwestwing12
Game - Quote: rat05, toy202, and songhunsattack14
Autumn 2008 Event - Hermes' History: autumn0808, autumn0809, cauldron23, songgoodcompany05, and songprologue05
04 - Game - Song: songjig15, songpoorjack12, and songtransformation06
Game - Word Scramble: boundin13, forest18, and spirit25
Game - Clothing: rat28, songfriendlikeme07, and songhousecleaning11
Game - Location: believe24, junkyard27, and songbeacat07
Game - Lottery: future17 and rose21
Game - Song Match: fantasia25, groove19, and songtopsyturvy14
Game - Memory: aristocrat18, roar22, and songsavages12
Game - Card Riddle: songaroundtheriverbend15, songwestwing15, and songwhistlewhile01
Game - Quote: monster08, songsanctuary14, and songtrashinthecamp03
Game - One Choice Card, outcast29, spots11, songburnedoutvillage12, songmaleficentappears06, and songtownmeeting04
Game - Crossword: game27, spirit05, songbattleonthetower08, songsiamesecat15, and songstrangethings07
Game - Card Claim: songbeourguest02 and songgaston06
Game - Word Search: friends06, toy04, songonceuponadream15, songsheneverfeltalone05, and songyourworldreprise06
Game - Patch of Heaven: spirit19, spots14, songgypsymusic09, and songladytobed04
Game - Special Deck: sky15 and songkidnapsandyclaws08
Game - Trivia: boundin07, songawakening15, songburnedoutvillage07, songdestructionofgrotto14, and songgothedistance13
Game - TV: game22, orphan16, songlistenwithheart103, songtopsyturvy12, and songwhistlewhile09
Game - Voice Actor: wild14, songgoldenafternoon13, songlistenwithheart106, songonejumpahead03, and songunderthestars10

September 2008

27 - Trade: Traded Lindsay my Nightmare12 and SongHawaiianWarChant06 for SongGaston12 and SongMobSong15
Trade: Traded Heather my songhelivesinyou09, songinmyheart09, songlovewillfindaway02/12/13, songoneofus10, and songjasminerunsaway08 for rose14/17/30, songtrueloveconquersall14, and songbeastletsbellego04/06/09
Trade: Traded Hayley x my birds15, songwithasmile12, and songpartofyourworld05 for songgiftbeautysong09, songhailtotheprincess07, and songpinkorblue12
Vote: incredible23 and songskumps01
21 - Game - Collection Rewards: equine06 (worth 2), khearts12 (worth 2), aristocrat27, attack17,songoneofus10, and songsonofman07
20 - Game - Collection Donations: outback03, twist28, songbellsofnotredame09, songbeprepared15, and songbuscando04
Correction: SongInMyHeart09
Game - Song: songoutthere02, songtobefree04, and songtwoworlds04
Game - Word Scramble: forest22, lamp01, and newcar28
Game - Clothes: rat14, songtherescue15, songyouvegotafriend06
Game - Location: attack06, nightmare10, and songpinkorblue06
Game - Lottery: lifted02 and songpaintingroses04
Game - Song Match: peach29, songjasminerunsaway01, and songtothefair12
Game - Memory: toy30, songgoldenafternoon11, and songtwoworlds09
Game - Card Riddle: songendsoftheearth11, songiwontsay12, and songpaintingroses06
Game - Quote: puppet23, songmyown07, and songvanessa01
Autumn 2008 Event - Fates' Foreign Language - sehrgut: autumn0803, songfriendsarefor12, songhappyending05, and songlove07
Autumn 2008 Event - Hera's Humanities 2 - susanegan: autumn0805, songcaucusrace03, songmanoutofyou03, and songverygoodadvice08
Autumn 2008 Event - Mythology: autumn0807, songbeastletsbellego06, songbelle03, and songiwannabelikeyou09
Correction: songsothisislove07
Autumn 2008 Event - Philosophy: autumn0806, birds03, songhappyending11, and songhellfire08
Autumn 2008 Event - Hades' Humanities #1: autumn0804, birds15, songphoebusarrives09, and songprincealireprise12
19 - Trade: Indigo my SongGodHelpTheOutcasts06/15 and SongBellsOfNotreDame02 for Christmas15 and SongBelleReprise01/12
Doubles Trade: peach19, pedigree01, perfect28, songlovewillfindaway13, songphoebusarrives03, songpoorbear07,songpoorjack01, songprinceali07, songprincewillcome14, and songprologue02
Mastered - Battle with Evil and Fairies' Plan: songfairiesplan13, songiwonder01, outback19, outcast29, songlovewillfindaway12, songoutthere03, songpaintingroses07, songpartofyourworld01, songperfectisnteasy09, songphonykingofengland11, love05 (worth 2), and magician09 (worth 2)
18 - Level Up: songbattlewithevil13, songfairiesplan06, songhelivesinyou09, songonelasthope03, mermaid19, and item08 (worth 2)
17 - Trade: Traded AJ my Roar19 for Rose13
Traded: Traded Kim2 SongBedtime12/15, SongDalmatianPlantation11, SongFlotsamJetsam09/12, SongToBeFree07/09 and Member Card for Christmas28, SongEvilSpell09, SongFairiesPlan12, SongHumanAgain03/07, SongIWonder04/13 and Member Card
15 - Trade: Traded Kelsie my Flower30 and Toy2 13/14 for SongBeastLetsBelleGo07 and Setting07
13 - Contest - Icon 8: icon19/20/21, home01, pride23, songflotsamjetsam09, and songlovewillfindaway02
Contest - Acronym 8: 2 Choice Cards, junkyard12, melodytime17, songmineminemine11, and songwhatsthis05
12 - Trade: Traded Jess my Monster15, SongKissTheGirl06, and Member Card for Rose09, SongSomethingThere03 and Member Card
09 - Trade: Traded Rem my songunfortunatesouls07 and member card for songsomethingthere13 and member card
06 - Game - Card Claim: Ohana18
Game - Song: songfairiesplan11, songfinalereprise09, and songunderthesea12
Game - Word Scramble: fly03, and roar19/29
Game - Clothes: fly04, lifted16, and pedigree15
Game - Location: flower30, songaeiou12, and songphoebusarrives09
Game - Lottery: tune17 and songsothisislove15
Game - Song Match: enchanted20, songkidnapsandyclaws15, and songmineminemine01
Game - Memory: groove09, monster09, and songbattlewithevil04
Game - Card Riddle: songdreamisawish03, songsothisislove13, and songnightingale10
Game - Quote: songdrumreprise06, songfrustration13, and songverygoodadvice07
Game - Report: hollow16, home29, songimlate05, songonceuponadream08, and 1 Choice Card
Game - Patch of Heaven: slipper22, songgodhelptheoutcasts15, and songtigerfight11
Game - Special Deck: ohana18 and songgirlworthfightingfor11
Game - Trivia: attack28, return08, rose07, songiwannabelikeyou13, and songbeprepared02
Game - Video: sword10, journey18, songlegendofthelamp02, songunfortunatesouls07, and songmyown12
Game - Voices: rescue06, songcaucusrace13, songmarketplace13, songonesong12, and songsmoketheblighterout08
Autumn 2008 Event - Apollo's Arithmetic: calculus:autumn0801/02, home19, songhumiliation14, and songmobsong03
Birthday: songbattlewithevil14, songtrueloveconquersall09, christmas26, and equine10 (worth 2)
Game - Poison Apple: Lose Ohana18
Game - Lies: future20, songsothisislove15, songmalleycat12
Trade: Traded Kate my fantasia03/15 and songgothedistance03 for christmas19/27 and songfairiesplan07
01 - Trade: Traded AJ my jungle08 for songfinale01 and member card
Mastered - Mastered Belle (song): songbattlewithevil02, lamp21, songerictotherescue12, songfinalereprise01, songfriendsarefor12, and  equine09 (worth 2)

August 2008

31 - Trade: Traded Anna my mystery28 and member card for songbeourguest14 and member card
Mastered - Mastered Summer08 and Awakening: songbattlewithevil0, songbelle13, jungle21, junkyard11, songcruelladevil09, songdaughtersoftriton03,songdistancereprise04, songdreamisawish15, songdrumreprise13, songendsoftheearth14,and duo01 (worth 2)
Traded 200 Times: Trader200
30 - Level - Summer to Divinest: friends02, songattackatthewall04, songawakening08/13, songastarisborn08, and princess04 (worth 2)
Card Turn-in: songawakening14/15
Contest Vote: spots02 and songwhistlewhile08
Trade: Traded Pil-P my caballeros18 and member card for songtrueloveconquersall06 and member card
25 - Olympic Prize: enchanted05, sky25, songjasminerunsaway08, songkaninekrunchies07,and songkidnapsandyclaws01
Trade: Traded Heather my SongCircleofLife09/14 for  SongHailToThePrincess10 and SongHouseCleaning06
Trade: Traded BJ my my Roar16, Pride19, SongToDieFor01/02/03/04,  and MemberCard for your Christmas07, SongSkumps03, SongMobSong05/10, SongFrustration11, SongIWonder15, and MemberCard
24 - Trade: Traded Shen my 200027, birds18/23/30, songhakunamatata01/13, and songcantwaittobeking01/02/04 for rose24, songawakening09, songbellereprise14, songevilspell10, songfrustration02, songhailtotheprincess13, songiwonder03, songmaleficentappears12, and songpinkorblue02
Trade: Traded Colette my songaeiou11/14, dreams21, and member card for songawakening11, songmaleficentapears10, songonceuponadream12, and member card
Game - Song: songfairiesplan04, songpinkorblue14, and songtownmeeting08
Game - Scramble: jungle18, outcast05, and treasure25
Game - Clothes: bug08, treasure18, and songpoorjack11
Game - Location: mermaid09, songbedtime01, and songgaston11
Game - Lottery: cauldron15 and songinfinityandbeyond04
Game - Song Match: slipper18, songbibbidi10, and songsothisislove11
Game - Memory: outback15, songdreamisawish11, and songpoorbear03
Game - Card Riddle: songbattlewithevil05, songtodiefor03, and songtrueloveconquersall07
Game - Quote: boundin24, songcolonelhathismarch09, and songprinceali13
Correction - Upload Date: songhathimarchreprise07
22 - Trade: Traded Kelsie  my flower05/07/20 and member card for songawakening12, songmaleficentappears03, songskumps02 and member card
18 - Trade: Traded LuckyClover my lost22, songworksong14, and songpinkorblue07 for songgiftbeautysong10, songgiftbeautysong14, and songmaleficentappears05
16 - Summer 2008 Event - Bubble30: summer0815, songunderthestars12 and songprinceali15
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble31: Nothing
Traded: Traded Layna my cook01/15, find18/22/25, forest09
for songawakening03, songbeourguest11, songfairiesplan15, songgiftbeautysong15, songhousecleaning07, and songmaleficentappears07
14 - Trade: Traded Deek - my nightmare15/17, roar26, songjackslament15, songtownmeeting08 and songwhatsthis08 for songbattlewithevil09, songfariesplan03, songfrustration04, songiwonder07, songpinkorblue01, and songtrueloveconquresall13
11 - Trade: Traded Rhap-chan - my aristocrat23 and member card for christmas08 and member card
10 - Doubles Exchange - groove15, jungle10/23, neverland23, return14, 200027, songbellereprise04, songdistancereprise10, songjasminerunsaway15, and songlegendofthelamp11 exchanged for bee01, bond30, rescue23,roadtrip27, roar16, sword23, sea08, songbaby09, songbattleonthetower03, songbeautybeast06, and songbeprepared03
09 - Summer 2008 Event - Bubble28: Summer0814, SongGaston15 and SongVeryGoodAdvice02
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble29: 1 Choice Card, Jungle23 and SongHawaiianWarChant09
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble27: Summer0813 and SongGoTheDistance15
Game - Crossword: Future14, Groove15, SongColonelHathisMarch02, SongHonorToUsAll08 and SongJumpAheadReprise12
Game - Word Search: Lamp19, SongBurnedOutVillage13, SongKidnapSandyClaws06, SongPinkOrBlue07 and SongWithASmile12
Game - Song: SongBelleReprise04, SongPhoebusArrives15 and SongStrangeThings14
Game - Word Scramble: Archer30, Birds23 and Sky18
Game - Clothes: Fantasia01, Hunny04 and Treasure24
Game - Location: Neverland01, SongEvilSpell15 and SongHappyEndAgrabah07
Game - Lottery: Toy03, SongCaveOfWonders15 and SongDistanceReprise10
Game - Song Match: SongHouseCleaning09, SongKissTheGirl15 and SongVanessa07
Game - Memory: SongDreamIsAWish07, SongHappyEnding03 and SongIWannaBeLikeYou04
Game - Card Riddle: SongImWishing12, SongToBeFree09 and SongVeryGoodAdvice08
Game - Quote: Cook15, Mystery28 and SongGospelTruth209
04 - Very Good Advice: Find22, SongPhoebusArrives11 and SongPhonyKingOfEngland08
Trade - Traded Loz my Slipper21/25/28, SongKissTheGirl02 and Member Card for SongASecretRevealed12, SongAwakening05, SongEvilSpell06, SongFinale08 and Member Card
Trade - Traded Hayley my SongBibidi01/05 and SongWithASmile01/15 for Christmas17/21, SongMaleficenAppears01 and SongPinkOrBlue
03Summer 2008 Event - Bubble26: Summer0811/12 and SongYourWorldReprise10
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble24: None
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble25: None
Game - Report: 1 Choice, Attack11, Wonderland18, SongIWannaBeLikeYou03 and SongOnADarkNight03
Game - Patch: Jungle10, SongGoldenAfternoon07 and SongLoveTonight07
Game - New Decks Survey: Return14 and SongSteadyBeatingDrum11
Game - Trivia: Birds18, Outback24, Treasure28, SongIWonder12 and SongTheKiss07
Game - TV Clip: Amigos02, Sky22, SongFanFare05, SongHumanAgain14 and SongTheKiss05
Game - Voices: Apple06, SongHeavensLight04, SongPoorBear10, SongToBeFree02 and SongWhatsThis08
Game - Poison Apple: Rat24, SongKanineKrunchies05 and SongKingOfPrideRock12
Game - Lies:
Rat29, SongHellfire11 and SongHonorToUsAll10

July 2008

30 - Trade: Lindsay my KHearts11 for SongFairiesPlan02 and SongOnceUponADream08
Trade: Nora - my Ohana06, Find11/13 and Member Card for SongSomethingThere07, SongTheFairiesPlan08, Christmas12 and Member Card
29 - Master - Song Beauty and the Beast: Game13, SongBelle09, SongDalmatianPlantation11, SongDaughtersOfTriton08SongDistanceReprise10 and Feline07 (worth 2)
Trade: Traded with Petra my Mystery01/11 and Member Card for  SongEvilSpell12, SongSomethingThere12 and Member Card
Trade: Traded with Jess my SongSomethingThere01 and Member Card for SongBeastLetsBelleGo11 and Member Card
Trade: Traded with LuckyClover my Mother05 for SongMobSong02 and SongHailToThePrincess06
27 - Vote: Neverland23 and SongEndsOfTheEarth01
Trade: Traded Nikki my Mermaid19, Flower04 and Member Card in exchange for SongASecretRevealed15, SongBelleReprise08 and Member Card
26 - Trade: Traded Indigo SongBeOurGuest03/10, SongHumanAgain02 and Member Card for my SongHellFire04, Outcast15/23 and Member Card
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble19: Birds30, SongHeighHo08 and SongJasmineRunsAway15
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble21: Summer0808 and Groove20
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble17: Summer0807, Mystery19 and SongToBeFree07
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble18: SongGospelTruth112
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble20: Nothing
Game - Song: SongBePrepared15, SongOutThere05 and SongTownMeeting07
Game - Scramble: 200027 and Outcast28
Game - Location: Fantasia06 and SongArabianNights07
Game - Lottery: 200027, SongEndTitle03 and SongLegendOfTheLamp11
Game - Song Match: Home01, SongPaintingRoses14 and SongSavages03
Game - Card Riddle: SongGodHelpTheOutcasts06, SongHappyEnding10 and SongAStarIsBorn12
Game - Quote: Outcast30, SongBareNecessities13 and SongTigerFight09
Game - Memory: Fantasia21, SongDreamIsAWish04 and SongVirginiaCompany09
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble22: Summer0809, Fantasia28 and SongHeighHo02
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble23: Summer0810, Find11 and SongSoThisIsLove06
18 - Trade: Traded Lindsay my Journey06 and 200002/05/07 for Christmas09/24, SongBeOurGuest15 and SongBattleWithEvil11
16 - Master - Sleep: SongBeautyBeast01, SongBelle04, SongFlotsamJetsam12, SongFrustration08, SongGirlWorthFightingFor10, Nightmare25, Ohana06 and Item12 (worth 2)
15 - Doubles Turn in (x2 sets of 10):  Fantasia17,Find24,Flower05, SongBedTimeStory04, SongBellsOfNotreDame15, SongBeOurGuest12, SongBePrepared13, Songbibbidi01, SongBlossoms11, SongBuscando04 and SongCacusRace07
Choice Filler Card Turn-in: Sleep19, SongBeautyBeast03, SongBeautyBeast08, SongBelle10 and SongBelle11
14 Trade: Traded Minalover my Pride07 for Sleep16
12 - Trade: Traded Deek my SongJacksLament03/06, Nightmare04/18/29, SongMakingChristmas14, SongWhatsThis11/13, and Member Card for Rose22, SongFinale06, SongFrustration04, SongGaston05, SongGiftBeautySong07, SongHouseCleaning02, SongMaleficentAppears06, SongPinkOrBlue03 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Krissy my Ohana10/13, Roar03/08 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Minalover my Wild09/14 for Sleep17/20
Trade Card Revamp: Lost Trader35; Gained Fly25 and SongIWannaBeLikeYou05 for Rose29, SongEvilSpell13, SongMaleficentAppears14, SongTrueLoveConquersAll04, and Member Card
Contest -Fantasmic 4 - Second Place:Peach21, SongHouseCleaning14, SongToDieFor02 and 2 Choice Card Fillers
Contest - Icon 6 - Participant: Lamp10, Wonderland08, SongBeOurGuest07 and SongEndTitle08
Contest - Acronym 6 - Participant: Pride07, SongFriendLikeMe04 and SongToDieFor04
Game - Song: Outcast21, SongJacksLament15and SongZeroTohHero07
Game - Word Scramble: Fly12, Outcast15 and SongCantWaitToBeKing04
Game - Clothes: Groove08, SongHailToThePrincess11 and SongOoDeLally11
Game - Location: Groove22, SongHathiMarchReprise10 and SongTheKiss09
Game - Lottery - 2 Matches: Orphan24, SongFriendLikeMe01 and SongHonorToUsAll15
Game - Song Match: Hollow30, Toy06 and SongPhonyKingOfEngland13
Game - Memory: Spirit26, SongStreetsOfGold11 and SongTrueLoveConquersAll11
Game - Card Riddle: Nightmare26, SongOutThere09 and SongTopsyTurvy08
Game - Quote: Hunny17, Nightmare15 and SongKingOfPrideRock01
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble16: Nightmare17 and SongTownMeeting08
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble15: Sleep29 and Summer0806
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble14: SongAladdinsWord11, SongBedtime15 and SongNightingale05
Summer 2008 Event Bubble13: SongArabianNights08 and SongMulansDecision11
Summer 2008 Event Bubble12: Cook29
07 - Trade: Haley Traded songtrueloveconquersall02 and songbattlewithevil10 for my songfanfare03 and songbibbidi04
Traded Kitty my Flower27, Archer04, Groove24, SongGirlWorthFightingFor10, SongHonorToUsAll10 for Rose04, SongBelle07/12, SongIWonder06/08
Traded 100 Times: Trader100
Game - Apple: Fantasia14 and SongIfINeverKnewYou11
Game - Lies: Dreams21, SongHumiliation06 and SongHunsAttack03
06 - Summer 2008 Event - Bubble11: SongWorkSong10 and SongManOutOfYou04
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble10: Flower20
Game - Report: Fantasia03, Spots06, SongOnceUponADream06, SongThisIsHalloween12 and 1 Choice Filler Card
Game - Crossword: Apple22, Bug01, SongAwakening06, SongBaby08, SongEndsOfTheEarth12 and SongStreetUrchins12
Game - Word Search: Future11, Wonderland24, SongListenWithHeart212, SongOneJumpAhead01 and SongZeroToHero09
Game - Patch of Heaven: Jungle23, SongEricToTheRescue07, SongHakunaMatata01and 1 Choice Filler Card
Game - Special Deck: MelodyTime28 and SongLegendOfTheLamp06
Game - Trivia: Friends14, Roadtrip18, SongHellFire04, SongSteadyBeatingDrum07 and SongWhatsThis13
Game - Clip: Flower04, Groove15, SongGaston13, SongPrinceAli14 and SongSteadyBeatingDrum06
Game - Voice Actor: Lamp13, Outcast23, SongEvilSpell07, SongPhonyKingOfEngland11 and SongTheStorm08

June 2008

29 - Trade: Traded Shen my Roar05/19 and Member Card for SongSomethingThere10, SongHouseCleaning08 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Layna my Mermaid04/07/08/16, Pedigree03 and Member Card for Rose06, SongBelleReprise02/11, SongMobSong09, SongGiftBeautySong11 and Member Card
28 - Trade: Traded Mimi my Incredible11/13/15, Monster27, Outcast13/30 for Christmas04, SongBattleWithEvil15, SongBeautyAndTheBeast14, SongBeastLetsBelleGo14, SongGaston04, SongIWonder05
Game - Voting: Future22 and SongBlossoms15
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble07: Summer0803/04
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble08: Lamp09 and Tune09
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble06: SongCourtOfMiracles09 and SongJumpAheadReprise07
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble09: Summer0805 and SongMaleficentAppears02
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble05:
Game - Song: Ohana10, SongAEIOU11 and SongASecretRevealed07
Game - Word Scramble: MelodyTime23, Wonderland16 and SongJacksLament06
Game - Clothes: Mermaid04, SongAwakening01 and SongThisIsHalloween02
Game - Location: Neverland03, SongHailToThePrincess05 and SongSkumps11
Game - Lottery: Fly09 and SongAStarIsBorn15
Game - Song Match: Wild15, Wonderland08 and SongDrumReprise14
Game - Memory: Mermaid08, SongFrustration07 and SongHonorToUsAll05
Game - Card Riddle: Slipper21, SongFinale09 and SongFinaleReprise01
Game - Quote: Hunny09, Outcast13 and SongWeddingAnnouncement03
24 - Summer 2008 Event - Bubble03: SongEndsOfTheEarth06 and SongOoDeLally06
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble02: Pride19
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble04: Cook01, Summer0801/02
Summer 2008 Event - Bubble01: SongDestructionOfGrotto08
20 - Trade: Traded Kate my Sword18 and Member Card for SongBelle05 and Member Card
19 - Trade: Traded Aimee my Hunny17/19/25, Cook17, Songaeiou01 and SongCaucusRace09/12 for Rose01, SongASecretRevealed01/02, SongBelleReprise04, SongHumanAgain15, SongOnceUponADream02, SongTrueLoveConquresAll01
75+ Trades: Trader075
14 - Bonus: Bonus card for waiting for Master card: SongListenWithHeart210
Game - Song: Cars03, SongMakingChristmas14 and SongMaleficentAppears13
Game - Word Scramble: Mermaid07, Puppet04 and SongOneSong13
Game - Clothes: Wonderland12, SongJacksObsession11 and SongPinkOrBlue09
Game - Location: Lamp10, SongPaintingRoses09 and SongPartOfYourWorld11
Game - Song Match: Toy23, Wild08 and SongWhatsThis06
Game - Memory: Wonderland01, SongAEIOU01 and SongIWonder09
Game - Card Riddle: Pedigree03, SongFrustration01 and SongASecretRevealed08
Game - Quote: Spots17, SongTourOfTheKingdom07 and SongYourWorldReprise06
13 - Trade: Traded Shar their songgaston03 for my friends07
06 - Game - Crossword: Jungle20, Toy02, SongArabianNights15, SongVeryGoodAdvice14 and SongWhistleWhile02
05 - Game - Report: Mystery11, Monster27, SongLegendOfTheLamp11, SongPrinceAliReprise04 and Choice Filler
Game - Wordsearch: Groove12, Roar05, SongCaucusRace12, SongDalmatianPlantation07 and SongThisIsHalloween11
Game - Patch of Heaven Pick-Up: Cars10, SongCaveOfWonders12 and SongMarketPlace15
Game - Deck: Puppet26 and SongIWontSay15
Game - Trivia: Home21, Journey01, SongDalmatianPlantation02, SongHellFire02 and SongListenWithHeart107
Game - Advice: RoadTrip19, SongDistanceReprise09 and SongPrinceWillCome13
Game - Television: Flower07, Puppet06, SongAttackAtThewall03, SongHonorToUsAll10 and SongAStarIsBorn05
Game - Voice: Jungle10, Monster15, SongHumanAgain06, SongWholeNewWorld14 and SongYouvegotAFriend14
Game - Poison Apple: Home10 and SongEvilSpell08
Game - Lies: Groove05, SongEndTitle11,SongEricToTheRescue06
Doubles Exchange: Exchanged my Bear06, Songaladdinsword06, Songbelle14/15, and songjumpaheadreprise01 for Hunny19, SongFairiesPlan09,SongFanFare14, SongHakunaMatata13 and SongMineMineMine08
04 - Game - Circle of Life: Fantasia10/27 and Melodytime15
03  - Trade: Haley traded SongBattleWithEvil07 and SongMaleficentAppears02 for  my Apple04/10
Game - Song: Wild21, SongGaston07 and SongGypsyMusic13
Game - Word Scramble: Spirit03, Tune09 and SongDaughtersOfTriton10
Game - Location: Archer09, SongBareNecessities01 and SongUnbirthday13
Game - Song Match: Aristocrat06, Mystery01 and SongSanctuary08
Game - Memory: Fantasia09, SongCircleOfLife14 and SongUnderTheSea07
Game - Card Guess: MelodyTime27, SongBeOurGuest13 and SongPinkOrBlue05
Game - Quote: Bug24, Future02 and SongCantWaitToBeKing05

May 2008

22 - Computer Problem Cards: SongBeastLetsBelleGo02 and SongOnceUponADream13
Mastered Spring Event 2008: Hunny17, Sleep22,SongCircleOfLife09,  SongColonelHathisMarch14 and SongColorsOfTheWind15
11 - Trade: Traded Smam my Jungle18 for SongFairiesPlan10
Trade: Traded Loulu my Flower03/06 and Member Card for SongBeautyAndTheBeast09/12 and Member Card
10 - Contest - Icon5 (participant): Icon10/11/12, Find25, Roadtrip01, SongTheBattle01 and SongSteadyBeatingDrum13
Contest - Acronym4 (1st): 2 Choice Cards, Hunny25, Journey29, SongMarketPlace05 and SongOneLastHope15
Game - Trivia: Future03, Twist19, SongBelle15, SongAStarIsBorn06 and SongYouveGotAFriend14
Game - Voices: Melodytime29, Wonderland09, SongDreamIsAWish10, SongIWontSay04 and SongMobSong04
Game - Quote: 200007, Fantasia16 and SongGiftBeautySong04
Game - Poison Apple: Dreams27, SongFriendsAreFor03 and SongBelle14
Trade - Traded Crayon my Hunny03, Toy13 and Member Card for SongBattleWithEvil06, SongBelleReprise06 and Member Card
06 - Trade: Hayley Offered Chrismas02/06, SongPinkOrBlue04 and Member Card for Slipper09/17/24 and Member Card
Game - Card Guess: Apple04, SongColorsOfTheWind07 and SongHumanAgain09
Game - Word Search: Archer15, Tune17, SongCaucusRace09, SongFriendsAreFor13 and SongHappyEndAgrabah09
Game - Special Deck: Tune15 and SongGospelTruth308
Game - Distorted Character: Christmas05, Flower27, SongBibbidi13, SongFairiesPlan14, and SongSally10
Game - Shadow: Neverland02, Roar26, SongFriendsAreFor02/15 and SongIWontSay07
03  - Game - Patch of Heaven: 200005, Flower24SongGirlWorthFightingFor08 and SongNewYorkCity05
Game - Song: Neverland22, SongAroundTheRiverBend03 and SongGoldenAfternoon02
Game - Scramble: Nightmare29, Puppet03 and SongWithASmile01
Game - Report: 1 Choice Card, Bear06, Caballeros18, SongEndsOfTheEarth08 and SongUnderTheStars14
Game - Crossword: Find18, Spirit04, SongArabianNights08,  SongDrumReprise15 and SongZeroToHero04
04 - Event - Detail: Spring0815, Lost22, Return14, SongGoTheDistance03, SongIWontSay10 and  SongSykes10
Trade - Traded Member Cards with Mousey
Game - Clothes: Wonderland07, SongBePrepared02 and SongSally02
Game - Location: Wonderland21, SongGiftBeautySong02 and SongHappyEndAgrabah10
Game - Lotto (4 matches):  Roadtrip06, Toy213, SongBaby05 and SongOneSong10
Game - Match: 200002, Toy217 and SongThisIsHalloween05
Game - Memory: Sleep14, SongGaston08 and SongHappyEndAgrabah06

April 2008

27 - Trade: Kitty Nox Traded SongBeOurGuest06 and Member Card for my SongBlossom11 and Member Card
Game - Quote: Flower03, Spots10 and SongListenWithHeart110
Game - Clip: Future07, Wild13 and SongFinale15
26 - Spring Event: Spring0813/14, Mermaid16, Strength25, SongDreamIsAWish05 and SongIWontSay01
Freebies: Rose15, Sleep24, SongBeastLetsBelleGo01, SongBeautyBeast13 and SongBelle06
Vote: Neverland23 and SongDreamIsAWish12
24 - Trade: Cwen Traded SongEvilSpell02 and Member Card for my SongGoodCompany06 and Member Card
Game - Song: Fantasia15, SongEricToTheRescue09 and SongYourWorldReprise14
Game - Song Match: Nightmare04/18 and SongKanineKrunchies01
Game - Memory: Roar19, SongCantWaitToBeKing01 and SongUnfortunateSouls10
Game - Card Guess: Toy13, SongBelle02 and SongFrustration06
19 - Game - Word Scramble: Hunny02, Mermaid19 and SongHunsAttack01
Game - Location: Roar08, SongASecretRevealed05 and SongBibbidi07
18 - 50+ Trader Card
16 - Trade: Traded El Member Card, 200008 and Flower07 for Member Card, SongFinale11 and SongHouseCleaning03
Trade: Traded Kajouka Mermaid18/24 for SongBelle03/14
Trade: Traded Aimee Wonderland16, Orphan21, Toy01/12/18/27 SongStreetsOfGold01/13/14 for Christmas22, Rose26, SongFustration14, SongAwakening04, SongBattleWithEvil08, SongFinale04, SongHailToThePrincess09, SongIWonder14 and SongSomethingThere09 as well as member cards
14 - Game - Blackjack: Toy201, SongBellsOfNotreDame09 and SongJacksLament03
Game - Trade Pot: Traded
songbeautybeast06 for Christmas14
Game - Poison Apple:
Twist28, SongFinaleReprise14 andSongGospelTruth108
Game - Pinocchio's Lies: Friends07, SongWhatsThis11 and SongStreetsOfGold14
12 Event - Seating: Spring0811/12, Bear06, Ohana02, SongFanfare03 and SongOodelally07
Contest - Acronyms (participant): Jungle30, SongKanineKrunchies10 and SongFireWorks07
Game - Trivia: Groove24 Incredible15 SongGypsyMusic12 SongHouseCleaning01
Game - Voice Actor: Find13 Toy214 SongIWontSay03 and SongOodelally09
10 - Trade: Traded Lindsay Spirit29, SongColorsOfTheWind09 and Member Cards for SongAwakening02, SongOnceUponADream01 and Member Cards
Game - Shadow: Melodytime12, Spots28, SongSomethingThere05 and SongTopsyTurvy02
Trader Level 35+: Trader035
09 - Game - Report: Choice Filler, Christmas23, SongFinale07 and SongTourOfTheKingdom15
Game - Word Search: 200008, Ohana10, SongCircleOfLifeReprise01 and SongSavages05
Game - Distorted Picture: Slipper09, Spots26, SongGiftBeautySong12 and SongHouseCleaning10
08 - Game - Memory: Rose25, SongMobSong01 and SongPaintingRoses12
Game - Card Riddle: Christmas11, SongHakunaMatata07 and  SongOodelally04
Game - Quote: Mystery22, Strength16 andSongWholeNewWorld05
Game - Video Clip: Forest02, Lamp14 and SongBelleReprise09
06 - Circle of Life - Card Claim: SongBeautyBeast05/07 and SongSomethingThere08
Game - Clothes: Jungle18, SongFinale10 and SongUnderTheStars13
Game - Location: Lamp17, SongEvilSpell14 and SongHappyEndAgrabah14
Game - Song Match: Jungle08, Rose27 and SongMulansDecision05
Spring Event - Guests: Spring0809/10, Apple03, SongSavages09, SongStreetsOfGold01 and SongVanessa09
05 - Game - Songs: Slipper17, SongEricToTheRescue06 and SongOodelally10
Game - Scrambled Word: Christmas01, Incredible13 and SongBattleWithEvil03 and SongBeautyBeast15
Trade: Traded Maren Rescue21 and Member Card for SongOnceUponADream04 and Member Cards
Game - Collection: Outcast13 and SongGoodCompany06
Game - Lottery - 2 Matches (23 and 49) - Slipper24, SongBellsOfNotreDame02
04 - Trade: Toto Traded Rose07 and Member Card for Ohana27 and Member Card

March 2008

31 - Trade: Traded Minalover Lamp11 for SongBeautyBeast10
Trade: Traded Monica SongKissTheGirl08, SongYourWorldReprise07 and Member Card for Rose08/28 and Member Card
28 - Trade Level: Trader025
Level to Sorcerer: Equine02 (worth 2), Sleep09/13 (choice), Sword18, SongBattleWithEvil12 and SongOodelally06
Traded: Traded Kajouka SongHawaiianWarChant11 for SongBelle01
27 - Survey: Wild09 and SongFairiesPlan05
Trade: Traded Xijeme SongMulansDecision10 and Member Card for SongOnceUponADream14 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Member Cards with Smam
Game - Song Match: Lost26 and SongBeautyBeast04
Game - Memory: Mermaid18 and SongVanessa10
Game - Card Find: Flower07 and SongAwakening07
Game - Quote: Forest09 and SongImLate08
Game - Television: Incredible30 and SongEndsOfTheEarth10
26 - Game - Lottery: Spirit29, SongPerfectIsntEasy12 and SongTrueLoveConquersAll08
25 - Trade: Traded Sofia 200022 and Member Card for SongAroundTheRiverBend12 as well as Member Card
Game - Song: Puppet01 and SongBibbidi05
Game - Belle's Books: Rose12 and SongSkumps08
Game - Clothes: Flower06 and SongPartOfYourWorld05
Game - Location: Mermaid24 and SongSoThisIsLove06
22 - Spring Event - Music: Spring0807/08, Spots20, SongAladdinsWord05, SongHappyEndAgrabah05 and SongVanessa04
Easter Basket: 1 Choice Card, Apple10, Cook17, SongBurnedOutVillage05 and SongCircleOfLife02
21 - Trade: Mina Traded Ohana29 and Member Card for Apple09 and Member Card
Trade: Traded Mimi Find18 for SongMaleficentAppears15 as well as Member Cards
18 - Trade: Kajouka Traded Sleep18/29 and Member Card for my Roar22, SongColorsOfTheWind14 and Member Card
17 - Lottery: SongHouseCleaning05
15 - Spring Event - Centerpiece: Spring0805, Spring0806, Neverland05, SongBeOurGuest07, SongBuscando07
Game - Word Scramble: Apple09 and SongSkumps10
Game - Clothes: Rose03 and SongTheStorm07
Game - Location: Nightmare12 and SongPinkOrBlue15
Game - Song Match: Neverland25 and SongFairiesPlan01
Game - Card Riddle: Lamp11 and SongVirginiaCompany03
Game - Quote: Toy12 and SongIWonder10
Game - Video Clip: Roar03 and SongCaucusRace01
Game - Memory: Groove06 and SongBedtime12
13 - Game - Blackjack: Tune20, SongBlossoms14 and SongTheRescue02
Game - Poison Apple:
Sleep26, Tune13 andSongPerfectIsntEasy15
Game - Lies:  Bear04 and SongStreetsOfGold01
Trade: Traded Bianca Apple07/27 for SongAroundTheRiverBend06 and SongBelle as well as Member Cards
08 - Contest - Acronyms: Participant Badge, Caballeros20, SongEricToTheRescue05 and SongTheStorm06
Trade Level - Trader+5
Trade Level - Trader +10
Level from Mage toMagician: Mother05 (worth 2)Cars14, Sleep07/11 (choice), SongGospelTruth301, SongPrinceAliReprise07
Spring Event - Location: Spring0803,  Spring0804, Ohana27, SongListenWithHeart101, SongSavages02 and SongStreetsOfGold13
Game - Song: Fly30 and SongHakunaMatata14
07 - Game - Trivia: Rose02, SongSomethingThere01 and SongWhistleWhile04
06 - Trade: Yunira offered Sleep06, Sword03 and Member Card for Nightmare14, Nightmare22 and Member Card
Game - Report: Choice Filler, SongColorsOfTheWind09 and Toy18
Game - Word Search: Monster04 and SongBelle08
Game - Distorted: Treasure10, Songaladdinsword05 and SongWorkSong14
Game - Shadow: Rescue15/21 and SongCircleOfLife03
03 - Trade: Traded Minalover Settings05 (special) for Rose20 (movie) and SongBeautyAndTheBeast06 (song) as well as member cards
Card Claim: Neverland19 (movie), SongBeautyAndTheBeast02 (song)  and SongKissTheGirl02 (song)
Placing song in Mulan: SongBlossoms11
01 - Contest -Fantasmic 002 - 1st: Event badge, 3 Choice Cards, Lost23 (movie) and SongMobSong11 (song)
Spring Event - Pair Up: Spring0801,  spring0802, archer04, thieves24, songfathomsbelow14 and songmarketplace03,

February 2008

29 - Game - Video: Outback03 (movie) and SongToDieFor01 (song)V
28 - Vote: SongOneLastHope04 (song)
Game - Song Match: Rescue02 (movie) and SongImLate06 (song)
Game - Memory: Cauldron28 (movie) and SongVeryGoodAdvice06 (song)
Game - Spots: Slipper25 (movie) and SongKissTheGirl06 (song)
27 - Trade: Traded Christina SongBibbidi15 (song) SongHakunaMatata01 (song) SongHakunaMatata12 (song) and Member Card for Sleep27 (movie), SongAroundTheRiverBend09 (song), SongBeautyBeast06 (song), and Member Card
Winter Event02 - Card Exchange: Removed all 6 collected Winter08 Cards in exchange for Cauldron21, SongMulansDecision10 and SongMineMineMine11
Game - Clothes: 200022 (movie) and SongHonorToUsAll15 (song)
Game - Puzzle: Groove03 (movie) and SongUnderTheSea01
26 - Game - Lotto: SongWholeNewWorld08 (song)
Game - Song: Nightmare22 (movie) and SongYourWorldReprise07 (song)
Game - Word Scramble: Slipper28 (movie) and SongReflection14
24 - Winter Event02 - Contests: Winter0814, Winter0815, Apple07 (movie) and SongBibbidi04 (song)
Winter Event02 - 3 Emails: Winter0804, Winter0805, Sleep30 (movie) and SongAroundTheRiverBend14
Level - Magelet to Mage: Sleep04 (movie), Sleep05 (movie), Ohana13 (movie), SongAStarIsBorn10 (song), SongListenWithHeart208 (song) and Setting05 (special)
22 - Game - Apple: Sleep03 (movie),Wonderland10 (movie) and SongGirlWorthFightingFor10 (song)
Game - Lies: Hunny03 (movie) andSongBurnedOutVillage02 (song)
Trade: Traded Member Cards with Forks
20 - Game - Memory: Wild18 (movie) and SongBurned-OutVillage14 (song)
15 - Game - Blackjack: Caballeros30 (movie), SongAStarIsBorn11 (song), and SongFriendLikeMe06 (song)
Level - Novice to Magelet: Sleep01/02 (movie) (choice), Orphan21 (movie), SongColorsOfTheWind14 (song), SongLegendOfTheLamp08 (song) and KHearts11 (special)
Survey: Caballeros28 and SongVirginiaCompany15
Winter Event02 - Survey Task: Winter0801 and SongHakunaMatata01
Game - Trade: Traded Caballeros28 for Fantasia05
Winter Event02 - Hunny Pot Trade: Winter0806 and Sleep08
14 - Trade: Heather Traded Member card, Sleep23/25 for my Member card, Circleoflife09 and Circleoflifereprise09
10 - Game - TV: Find18 (movie) and Bibbidi15 (song)
Game - Report: Friends10 (movie) and SongBelleReprise15 (song)
Game - Word Search: Incredible11 (movie) and SongHakunaMatata12
Game - Distorted Character: Wonderland16 (movie) and SongHawaiianWarChant11 (song)
Game - Shadow: Nightmare14 (movie) and SongCircleOfLife09 (song)
Game - Trivia: Toy27 (movie) and SongFriendLikeMe09 (song)
09 - Response: Member Card and SongLesPoissons07
Game - Lyrics: Outcast30 (movie) and SongJumpAheadReprise01 (song)
Game - Scramble: Rose23 (movie) and SongMainTitles14 (song)
Game - Character: Ohana01 (movie) and KissTheGirl08
Game - Puzzle: Toy01 (movie) and SongBeautyAndTheBeast11 (song)
Game - Song: Apple27 (movie) and SongAEIOU14
Game - Card Guess: Aristocat23 (movie) and SongCircleOfLifeReprise09
Game - Valentines Event: Card of Choice, Roar22 (movie), SongMainTitles12 (song) and SongPrinceWillCome04 (song)
08 - Starter Pack: Monster05, Mouse07 (Special), Sky23, Sleep10/12/28, SongCantWaitToBeKing02, SongJasmineRunsAway15 and Wild14