Join the Band

The Maryland Youth Pipe Band is an extracurricular activity open to all Maryland youth, grades 4 through 12. No prior musical experience is needed.  

Personal Expenses:

• Annual Membership fees are currently set at $100.00

• Instruction is provided at no additional cost to members. 

 Each bagpipe player is required to purchase a Practice Chanter costing roughly $80.00

• Drums are provided by the Band

• Uniforms (except white shirt and black shoes) are provided by the band 

 If a piping student is unable to afford bagpipes, the Pipe Band will try to have "loaner sets" available.

• Band members are required to participate in band activities, especially paying performances. Tutors are paid from membership fees and funds raised by the Pipe Band through paying performances.  that continue the instruction program. 

• All other personal expenses are minor. Bass and tenor drummers purchase drum sticks; snare drummers purchase drumsticks and a drum pad; and pipers purchase practice chanters. All members purchase a pair of black shoes, and one short-sleeve and one long-sleeve white shirt.

Pipe Band Practices:

The Maryland Youth Pipe Band practices Thursday nights from 7 to 9 pm during the school year.

Practices are held at The Elk's Lodge, 5 Taft Court, Rockville, Maryland, 20850.

Come on out!

Want to join the band?  Contact our Band Director, Lisa Frazier, at