Now that you've joined the My Partner In Profit
90 Day Internet Income Challenge
here is one free method to advertise with. Craig's List!

Simply follow the video below and you'll have a image-based Craig's List ad in no time!

Right-click and save one (or all) of these graphic images I have provided for you for free.

Generic MyPiP Challenge Image

ZNZ-related images (below)

Be sure to download Jing for free to send your image to the
internet for free. You must upload your image using Jing for this to work.
You can upload these to your website if you like (domain with hosting)

To add the web counter (important in create UNIQUE code)
Google "free counter html code" and find a site that will give you similar code. has been recommended...

Use the HTML code below to place your ad on Craig's List.

Also Sherri Kirklin was a guest on my "Ask The Pro's" webinars
and shared her knowledge of using Craig's List! Watch These!

For creative symbols to make your title stand out,
feel free to copy and paste these...

✔ ★ ♥ ♛ ★

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