Pine Hills Security Program

Pine Hills Security is a comprehensive program designed to help keep Pine Hills one of Atlanta's safest neighborhoods.  It consists of the three pillars of community security:  police presence, surveillance, and education/advocacy.

Neighborhood security initiatives are one of the least costly and most effective answers to crime.  Having a neighborhood security program is more important now than it has ever been. We are seeing more crime and city/county police officers can’t be everywhere. For less that $1/day ($300 annual fee + $50 association dues) you can contribute to the safety and security of our community.

In order to offer all elements of our security program, we need to increase our membership.  Our target is 300 households (with 800+ households in Pine Hills).  If we exceed our membership target, we can both increase services and decrease per-member cost.

Our Security Depends on You -- Please Join Today!


Questions about Pine Hills Security Patrol, contact Michael Alexander at: or 404-808-6312

Already a security program member and need to contact the Pine Hills Security Patrol officer?

Contact Michael Alexander (404-808-6312) for Officer Mobile Number


Police Patrol

Pine Hills Security officers keep a close eye on your home and the neighborhood.  Officers spend time being visible on the streets, in the park and at busy intersections. They are an active and essential deterrent to crime. Officers on duty will question and remove suspected vagrants and unauthorized solicitors in our neighborhood. They will stop and warn or ticket drivers speeding or running stop signs.

This past year, Pine Hills Security has stopped several ongoing burglaries, arrested someone for trying to steal a car, checked suspicious cars, arrested people with current warrants, and much more.  Pine Hills officers are often the first  to notice a suspicious issue before a crime has occurred.

Pine Hills currently has 3 officers - 1 from the City of Atlanta and 2 from Brookhaven.  In 2018 they will patrol ~25 hours/week.

Program members also receive:

  • A "Pine Hills Security " sticker placed on your mailbox.
  • Extra security checks of your home while you are gone (be sure to notify us).
  • A direct cell number to reach officers when they are on duty.  In case of emergency, call 911.

Camera Surveillance

This year, we are entering a partnership with Georgia Power to install and maintain 10 surveillance cameras at major entry points and roadways.  These cameras supplement the City of Atlanta and City of Brookhaven License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera programs and integrate with their camera surveillance systems. Neighborhood surveillance camera systems have helped to solve recent crimes in both the City of Atlanta Zone 2 and in the City of Brookhaven. Surveillance cameras are an important component of PHNA's comprehensive security plan and will allow both real-time tracking by police and forensic review.  Access to surveillance records will be granted only to police for the purpose of solving reported crimes.  The proposed locations of surveillance cameras and the city LPRs are noted in the file below.

We will need approximately 300 members to have sufficient funds for camera installation.  Georgia Power requires a three-year contract in order to install cameras. As a result, we will ask for multiple year contributions or pledges in our membership campaign.  We will keep you informed of our progress.  If we do not meet our membership target, we will contact all security program members about next steps. 


The third pillar of neighborhood security is education/advocacy.  PHNA will post warning signs throughout the neighborhood advertising our patrol and camera programs.  We will participate in Court Watch programs in our municipal courts.  We will help streets and cul-de-sacs organize local Neighborhood Watch programs.  Finally, we we offer crime prevention education to the neighborhood and continue to advocate for increased services in both the City of Atlanta and City of Brookhaven.

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