Pine Hills Security Patrol

Questions about Pine Hills Security Patrol, contact Michael Alexander at: or 404-808-6312

Already a security patrol member and need to contact the Pine Hills Security Patrol officer? Call: 404-788-2248

Pine Hills Security provides neighborhood patrols to help keep Pine Hills one of Atlanta's safest neighborhoods.

Neighborhood security initiatives are one of the least costly and most effective answers to crime.  Having a neighborhood security program is more important now than it has ever been. We are seeing more crime and city/county police officers can’t be everywhere. This is why our own patrol is necessary.
Within the past few months, Pine Hills Security has stopped several ongoing burglaries, arrested someone for trying to steal a car, checked suspicious cars, arrested people with current warrants, and much more.  In many other case, Pine Hills officers have been the first ones to notice a suspicious issue before the crime has occurred.

The more members we have for Pine Hills Security, the more patrols we can add for more hours of the day.  Increase hours of security patrol and decrease the per-member cost!  

Pine Hills currently has 3 officers - 1 from the City of Atlanta and 2 from Brookhaven for 21 hours a week.  Joining Pine Hills Security helps directly increase the safety for your family, your home & your neighborhood. 
For Your Annual Security Fee, You Get:
1) Pine Hills Security officers keeping a close eye on your home and the neighborhood.  Officers spend time being visible on the streets, in the park or on busy intersections
2) Officers on duty who will question and remove suspected vagrants and unauthorized solicitors in our neighborhood.
3) Officers on duty who will stop and warn or ticket drivers speeding or running stop signs.
4)  The special telephone number for the on-duty officer.
5)  A "Pine Hills Security " sticker will be affixed to your mailbox.
6) Extra security checks of your home while you are gone (upon notification from you).

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