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Birdhaven Garden Club

The bluebird carries the sky on his back.
- Henry David Thoreau 
The Birdhaven Garden Club has been meeting in the Pine Hills neighborhood for over 50 years. Our mission is to preserve and maintain the beauty and rich history of Buckhead’s best kept secret, the Pine Hills neighborhood.


The Birdhaven Garden Club meets the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am, September through May. Meetings are held in the homes of Birdhaven Garden Club members. Occasionally we do venture outside the neighborhood and take a field trip to the Atlanta Flower Show or something similar.

Meet your neighbors and learn more about the Birdhaven Garden Club activities and events.

We ask that you support the Birdhaven Garden Club. Please consider becoming a member, volunteering  or making a donation.

The Birdhaven Garden Club provides and manages:

·      Dogipots throughout the neighborhood (with support from our sponsors)

·      Beautification and upkeep of all entrances

·      The annual Halloween Carnival

.      Holiday Baskets for the elderly 

For more information please contact:

Peggy Witt                               Dana Eisenberg                                  Jan Weyhenmeyer

kpwitt@mindspring.com       danaeisenberg1008@gmail.com      jan_weyhenmeyer@hotmail.com                                                                   

404-906-1939                           404-444-0298                                      217-840-1165