Childers Road Widening/Repaving

posted Mar 23, 2018, 3:19 PM by Pine Hills
A message from Councilman Joe Gebbia (District 4, City of Brookhaven)

Dear Pine Hills Neighbors,

After an extensive engineering review, Childers Road is finally about to undergo its much-needed upgrade. Here’s the recap of the improvements to take place:
1. Widening of the road from N. Druid Hills Rd to the current cement curbing;
2. Installation of granite curbing from NDH Rd to the current cement curbing;
3. Repositioning of the catch basin;
4. A complete rebuild of Childers Rd as the street construction did not include installation of a base before the blacktop was put down. Brookhaven will do the project correctly to ensure a long life with maximum economic payback;
5. Completion of the sidewalk from NDH Rd up to the current sidewalk;
6. The “Pine Hills” monument will be maintained as the sidewalk has been designed to go around it;
7. Every effort has been made to save as many trees as possible.

I want to assure you that the City is taking every precaution to save the Old Growth Tree that adds so much beauty to this entryway. Special care will be taken to ensure the roots will not be compromised to the point of harm during the installation of the sidewalk.

Work to rectify the paving and widening recently started with identifying underground utilities. It’s the necessary first step in performing what is called a full-depth reclamation. In layman’s terms, it’s striping the existing road all the way down to the dirt, and literally building a new road from the ground up. You get a new subsurface, and two inches of fresh asphalt on the top. The repaving work begins Monday, March 26. Weather permitting, this should be done in less than one week. During this time, the City needs residents on Childers Road to be sure to remove parked cars and other private property from the right-of-way area.

Installation of the sidewalk will begin after the widening, paving and curb installation is complete as this is processed under a separate bid. To view these bids, or any other bid, visit the City website at Click the “City Hall” tab, then, “Bids and RFP’s”. The sidewalk competitive bid process will wrap up on April 20, with work to begin in late May or Early June. Our bid process is time-consuming, but it ensures that the City, as stewards of your tax dollars, is getting the best value possible.

Residents that live on Buckhead Valley Lane NE, Childers Place and Childers Court will be able to get in and out and will be guided by the construction crew. Door hangers are being distributed to inform all affected residents.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. The new look should be impressive.

Joe Gebbia
District 4 Councilman, City of Brookhaven