About My Pathfinder Campaign

My Pathfinder Campaign is a Google Sites template intended for use by a GM to help manage his Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. You will need a Google ID to work with this Template and if you wish to allow your players to edit their character pages they will need Google IDs as well.

Note: When you click the Use this template button you will go to a page like the following (be sure to read the information following this image before continuing):

If you wish to retain the look and layout of this template do NOT click on a template under "Choose a template to use" or change the theme (highlighted in yellow in the image below).

In the "Name your Site" field you can enter any name you like but generally should use something unique to your campaign world. Whatever you enter here will automatically enter itself into the "Your site will be located at this URL" box. This is the URL you will share with your players.

You can then add in a short description of your site in the Site description box. You can add a description now or not, and will have the ability to change what you entered later.

You can choose whether your site is open to everyone in the world, or just to your players. If you will be posting snippets of text that may not be open game content, or images etc, it is recommended that you only share with your players.

You can check the box "This site contains mature content suitable only for adults" if you feel the content of your campaign world may not be appropriate for all viewers. It is better to be safe than sorry here because Google has a very strict policy about this. If you post adult content and you did not check this box they can (and will) shut down your site and possibly ban your Google ID from using other Google services.

Lastly you will have to enter a code to prove to Google you are not a robot or script generating this site automatically.

Click here or on the Help tab (above) for more information about working with the My Pathfinder Campaign template or click the blue Use this template button in the upper right part of the screen to get started now!

After you have read this information you are encouraged to remove this and replace with information regarding your campaign.