Writers Guild Awards

2012:  Original   Zero Dark Thirty / Adapted:  Argo
2011:  Original:  Midnight In Paris / Adapted: The Descendants
2010:  Original:  Inception / Adapted:  Social Network, The
2009:  Original:  Hurt Locker, The / Adapted:  Up In The Air
2008:  Original:  Milk / Adapted:  Slumdog Millionaire
2007:  Original:  Juno / Adapted:  No Country For Old Men
2006:  Original:  Little Miss Sunshine / Adapted:  Departed, The
2005:  Original:  Crash / Adapted:  Brokeback Mountain
2004:  Original:  Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind / Adapted:  Sideways
2003:  Original:  Lost In Translation / Adapted:  American Splendour
2002:  Original:  Bowling For Columbine / Adapted:  Hours, The
2001:  Original:  Gosford Park / Adapted:  Beautiful Mind, A
2000:  Original:  You Can Count On Me / Adapted:  Traffic
1999:  Original:  American Beauty / Adapted:  Election
1998:  Original:  Shakespeare In Love / Adapted:  Out Of Sight
1997:  Original:  As Good As It Gets / Adapted:  L.A. Confidential
1996:  Original:  Fargo / Adapted:  Sling Blade
1995:  Original:  Braveheart / Adapted:  Sense And Sensibility
1994:  Original:  Four Weddings And A Funeral / Adapted:  Forrest Gump
1993:  Original:  Piano, The / Adapted:  Schindler's List
1992:  Original:  Crying Game, The / Adapted:  Player, The
1991:  Original:  Thelma & Louise / Adapted:  Silence Of The Lambs, The
1990:  Original:  Avalon / Adapted:  Dances With Wolves
1989:  Original:  Crimes And Misdemeanors / Adapted:  Driving Miss Daisy
1988:  Original:  Bull Durham / Adapted:  Dangerous Liaisons
1987:  Original:  Moonstruck / Adapted:  Roxanne
1986:  Original:  Hannah And Her Sisters / Adapted:  Room With A View, A
1985:  Original:  Witness / Adapted:  Prizzi's Honor
1984:  Original:  Broadway Danny Rose / Adapted:  Killing Fields, The
1983:  Original Comedy:  Big Chill, The / Adapted Comedy:  Terms Of Endearment / Original Drama:  Tender Mercies / Adapted Drama:  Reuben, Reuben
1982:  Original Comedy:  Tootsie / Adapted Comedy:  Victor Victoria / Original Drama:  E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial / Adapted Drama:  Missing
1981:  Original Comedy:  Arthur / Adapted Comedy:  Rich And Famous / Original Drama:  Reds / Adapted Drama:  On Golden Pond
1980:  Original Comedy:  Private Benjamin / Adapted Comedy:  Airplane! / Original Drama:  Ordinary People / Adapted Drama:  Melvin And Howard
1979:  Original Comedy:  Breaking Away / Adapted Comedy:  Being There / Original Drama:  China Syndrome, The / Adapted Drama:  Kramer Vs. Kramer
1978:  Original Comedy:  Movie Movie / Adapted Comedy:  Heaven Can Wait / Original Drama:  Coming Home / Adapted Drama:  Midnight Express
1977:  Original Comedy:  Annie Hall / Adapted Comedy:  Oh, God! / Original Drama:  Turning Point, The / Adapted Drama: Julia
1976:  Original Comedy:  Bad News Bears, The / Adapted Comedy:  Pink Panther Strikes Again, The / Original Drama:  Network  / Adapted Drama:   All The President's Men
1975:  Original Comedy:  Shampoo / Adapted Comedy:  The Sunshine Boys / Original Drama:  Dog Day Afternoon / Adapted Drama:  One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
1974:  Original Comedy:  Blazing Saddles / Adapted Comedy:  Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz, The / Original Drama:  Chinatown / Adapted Drama:  Godfather Part II, The
1973:  Original Comedy:  Touch Of Class, A / Adapted Comedy:  Paper Moon / Original Drama:  Save The Tiger / Adapted Drama:  Serpico
1972:  Original Comedy:  What's Up Doc? / Adapted Comedy:  Cabaret / Original Drama:  The Candidate / Adapted Drama:  Godfather, The
1971:  Original Comedy:  The Hospital / Adapted Comedy:  Kotch / Original Drama:  Sunday Bloody Sunday / Adapted Drama:  French Connection, The
1970:  Original Comedy:  The Out Of Towners / Adapted Comedy:  MASH / Original Drama:  Patton / Adapted Drama:  I Never Sang For My Father
1969:  Original Comedy:  Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice / Adapted Comedy:  Goodbye, Columbus / Original Drama:  Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid / Adapted Drama:  Midnight Cowboy
1968:  Original American Screenplay:  Producers, The / American Comedy:  Odd Couple, The / American Musical:  Funny Girl / American Drama:  Lion In Winter, The
1967:  Original American Screenplay:  Bonnie And Clyde / American Comedy:  Graduate, The / American Musical:  Thoroughly Modern Millie / American Drama:  Bonnie And Clyde
1966:  American Comedy:  The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! / American Drama:  Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
1965:  American Comedy:  A Thousand Clowns / American Drama:  Pawnbroker, The / American Musical:  Sound Of Music, The
1964:  American Comedy:  Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb / American Drama:  Becket / American Musical:  Mary Poppins
1963:  American Comedy:  Lilies Of The Field / American Drama:  Hud
1962:  American Comedy:  That Touch Of Mink / American Drama:  To Kill A Mockingbird / American Musical:  The Music Man
1961:  American Comedy:  Breakfast At Tiffany's / American Drama:  Hustler, The / American Musical:  West Side Story
1960:  American Comedy:  Apartment, The / American Drama:  Elmer Gantry / American Musical:  Bells Are Ringing
1959:  American Comedy:  Some Like It Hot / American Drama:  Diary Of Anne Frank, The / American Musical:  The Five Pennies
1958:  American Comedy:  Me And The Colonel / American Drama:  Defiant Ones, The / American Musical:  Gigi
1957:  American Comedy:  Love In The Afternoon / American Drama:  12 Angry Men / American Musical:  Girls, Les
1956:  American Comedy:  Around The World In 80 Days / American Drama:  Friendly Persuasion / American Musical:  King And I, The
1955:  American Comedy:  Mister Roberts / American Drama:  Marty / American Musical:  Love Me Or Leave Me
1954:  American Comedy:  Sabrina / American Drama:  On The Waterfront / American Musical:  Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
1953:  American Comedy:  Roman Holiday / American Drama:  From Here To Eternity / American Musical:  Lili
1952:  American Comedy:  Quiet Man, The / American Drama:  High Noon / American Musical:  Singin' In The Rain
1951:  American Comedy:  Father's Little Dividend / American Drama:  Place In The Sun, A / American Musical:  American In Paris, An / Screenplay Dealing Most Ably With Problems of the American Scene:  Bright Victory / American Low-Budget:  The Steel Helmet
1950:  American Comedy:  All About Eve / American Drama:  Sunset Blvd. / American Musical:  Annie Get Your Gun / Screenplay Dealing Most Ably With Problems Of The American Scene:  The Men / American Western:  Broken Arrow
1949:  American Comedy:  Letter To Three Wives, A / American Drama:  All The King's Men / American Musical:  On The Town  / Screenplay Dealing Most Ably With Problems Of The American Scene:  All The King's Men  / American Western:  Yellow Sky
1948:  American Comedy:  Sitting Pretty / American Drama:  Snake Pit, The / American Musical:  Easter Parade / Screenplay Dealing Most Ably With Problems of the American Scene:  Snake Pit, The / American Western:  Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, The