Myodil Victims

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Including Myodil, Pantopaque, Ethiodan, and Neurotrast

which are all Marketing names for Iophendylate/Iofendylate

This Myodil Action Group website is dedicated to proving that everybody who underwent a Myodil/Pantopaque/Ethiodan/Neurotrast (Iophendylate/Iofendylate) myelogram was left seriously injured with Adhesive Arachnoiditis, and have been left to suffer without recognition and compensation or retribution for the offenders, aiders, and abettors. The drug producers and the medical profession have always denied this criminal medical injury. If you are a victim of this medical injury you can help by sending your full details and your testimony of suffering. I will only publish your name, country, and testimony of suffering, all other personal information will be kept private. Please stand up and be counted, and show the true scale of this medical injury, please register your details here.