Q. If I apply some specific fonts to a text of a note the software crashes.

In some non-English GNU/Linux installations, some fonts from SIL International (Abyssinica SIL, Gentium Basic, Gentium Book basic, Padauk and maybe others) cannot be used in MyNotex because they make the software to crash. This issue is related to the font and to the language in use, so there's nothing that can be done in MyNotex to fix it.

Q. List are not exported properly in HTML, in Writer and in the browser.

In HTML, Writer and browser exportation, letters series at the beginning of a list will be exported as numbers. Furthermore, all the bullets followed by a tab, and all the numbers and letters followed by a dot and a tab will be converted as list items if they are within indented paragraphs. If not, they will be just deleted. To create a list not indented that may be exported as it is, do not add a tab after the bullet or the dot, but use a space instead.

Q. I insert a picture in a note at the beginning of a paragraph, and I set its alignment to centred, right or justified. Then I save the note and I select another note. When I select again the previous note, the alignment of the paragraph with the picture is lost.

A. Just insert a space or any other character before the picture.

Q. I cannot understand how to syncronize two files of MyNotex. The manual is not so clear.

A. I know... See the clear notes written by Jean-Philippe Fleury in!topic/mynotex/QZy5k38kkbg .