In this page are available the links to reviews, also very short, references and tutorials on MyNotex 1.1.0 and following. Links and comments on the previous versions of the software are not considered because those versions were pretty much different from the recent ones.

Main reviews updated by the team.

Free software foundation [English].

Wikipedia, MyNotex [English].
Wikipedia, MyNotex [French].

IST planbar [German].

Reviews and references to 1.3.0 version of MyNotex or following.

Freesoft [Russian].
Freshmeat [English].
GetDeb [English].
Iffl linux freedom [Italian].
Istituto Maiorana [Italian].
LinuxG 1 [English].
LinuxG 2 [English].
LinuxInsider 1 [English].
LinuxInsider 2 [English].
Maketecheasier [English].
Ochobitshacenunbyte [Spanish]
Phperz [Chinese].
Planeta Diego [Spanish].
TuxDiary [English].
Unix Buzz [English].
Zen Way [Russian]

Reviews and references to older versions of MyNotex.

Ashu-geek [English].
Best of Ubuntu [English].
BiBBleFREE [French].
Distrland [Russian].
Edown [English].
educa.Enseignement [French].
educa.News [Italian].
Framasoft [French].
Geeks Sharing Space [English].
Heise [German].
Iffl - Linux freedom for live 1 [Italian].
Iffl - Linux freedom for live 2 [Italian].
Iheartubuntu [English].
Italian community of Lazarus and Free Pascal [Italian].
La Vache Libre [French]. [Russian].
Linux And Friends [English].
Linux App Finder [English].
Linux community [German].
Linux Insider [English].
Linux Links [English].
Linux Mint Czech 1 [Czech].
Linux Mint Czech 2 [Czech].
Linux Navigator [English].
Linux Software Center [Italian].
Linux Today [English].
Mauro e i Post [Italiano].
My Geek Opinions [English]. [English].
O meu Ubuntinho [Galitians].
Open-China [Chinese].
Open Source Living [English].
OS Arena [Greek].
OSChina [Chinese].
Overblog [Italian].
Pc Professionale 1 [Italian].
Pc Professionale 2 [Italian].
Pingvinus [Russian].
Pro-Linux.DE [German]. [Czech]
SHANTI at the University of Virginia [English].
Toulous@sso[French]. 1 [Italian]. 2 [Italian].
UbuntuBond [Italian].
Ubuntu Geek [English].
Ubuntu-fr - Annonce [French].
Ubuntu-fr - Documentation [French].
Ubuntu Life [Spanish].
Ubuntu Users [German].
Ubuntu@Vibes [English].