Bugs report

Bugs in MyNotex 1.2.3

  • The "Send as email" menu item do not work properly. As a workaround, just copy and paste the text of the note in the mail message.
  • In Xubuntu, minimizing the window with the tray icon visible do not hide MyNotex icon in the taskbar.

Bugs in MyNotex 1.2.2

  • In Xubuntu, if the text of a note is sent to the email software and there is a semicolon within it, only the text before this sign will be sent.
  • In a selected multiline text, only the first line may receive a paragraph formatting. (Fixed in version 1.2.3).
  • Some shortcuts, like Ctrl + Shift + T and Ctrl + Shift + R, do not activate the possibility to save the note. (Fixed in version 1.2.3).
  • In a numbered list, if a new item is added in the middle of the list, the number serie is not updated. (Fixed in version 1.2.3).
  • Add an attachment with the same name of an existing one but with a different extension overwrites the last one. (Fixed in version 1.2.3).
  • Modify the date of a note and change the width of titles grid might freeze the software. (Fixed in version 1.2.3).