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Why NLC?

A survey was recently taken to get an idea of why Norway Ev. Lutheran Church continues to thrive and grow. The congregation was asked "Why Here? Why NLC?" in a 5 answer survey questionnaire.

Of the surveys returned, here are the results:

Reason for joining NLC
Welcoming Environment
The Pastors 55%
Activities Offered 45%
Dynamic Ministry 43%
Family Environment 36%
Friends 36%
Music 32%
Traditional 23%
Sermons 18%
Outreach Programs 16%
Educational Programs 14%
Location 14%
Accepted for who you are 14%
Service times 11%
Married Here 7%
ELCA Inclusive 5%
Baptized Here 5%
Youth Director 2%
Transferred 2%
Name Tags 2%

Why Do We Come to Norway Lutheran Church? 

My wife and I moved to Waterford from Tulsa, OK in November of 2003. During the course of our first three years here we tried out several churches. We migrated toward Norway because we felt very comfortable here. We kind of kept to ourselves at first and were not aware that anyone really knew who we were. 

That changed in the fall of 2006. It was then that we realized how amazing the family of Norway Lutheran Church really was. Our daughter was born in September of 2006 and shortly thereafter she contracted Bacterial Spinal Meningitis. This was a very stressful time for our family. 

We were not even official members yet but the associate pastor, Jim Rasmus, called us and stopped by hospital to visit on several occasions. This compassion sold us on Norway and is the reason we initially came to Norway. 

We have continued to become more involved in the church and have taken on more leadership roles because of the outstanding example Pastors Kristie and Mark provide. Their leadership and compassion are helping this church become stronger as it grows.

~ Dean and Michelle