Committees - Partnership

2017 National Conservation Partnership Committees

As of January, 31, 2017

(NCDEA Coordinator of Assignments - Vice President Rhonda Kelsch)

NACD Foundation Committees

 Communications  Rhonda Bryars
 Melissa Higbee (Alternate)
 District Operation & Member Services  Tim Riley
 Irene Moore (Alternate)
 Legislative  Rhonda Kelsch
 Vacant (Alternate)
 Natural Resources Policy  Jeff Parker, Peter Vigil (NM)
 Rhonda Kelsch (Alternate)
 Stewardship & Education  Coleta Bratten
 Velynda Parker (NY) (Alternate)

NACD Task Forces

 Farm Bill Task Force  Melissa Higbee
 Jeff Parker (Alternate)
 Annual Meeting Planning Team  Tim Riley, Rich Duesterhaus
 Urban Grants Evaluation Team  Tim Thomas (NJ)
 Tim Riley (Alternate)

NACD Resource Policy Groups (RPG)

 Coastal  Kevin Donnelly (DE)
 Vacant (Alternate)
 Public Lands  Peter Vigil (NM)
 Vacant (Alternate)
 Forestry  Rick Reimer (MN)
 Vacant (Alternate)
 Urban & Community Conservation  Cliff Lundin (NJ)
 Vacant (Alternate)
 Tribal Outreach  Duane Vanhook (NC)
 Peter Vigil (NM)

National Conservation Partnership (NCP) Representation

 NCP Leadership Team  Tim Riley, Rich Duesterhaus
 National Conservation Foundation  Irene Moore
 Rich Duesterhaus (Alternate)
 NRCS National Employee Development Board  Rhonda Kelsch
 Tim Riley and Rich Duesterhaus (Alternates)

National Conservation Partnership Planning Initiative (NCPPI)

 NCPPI Leadership Team  Irene Moore, Mendel Wade (TN), Rich Duesterhaus
 Melissa Higbee (Alternate)
 Communication & Messaging Action Team  Chair: Melissa Higbee, Edward Humphrey (NC)
 Irene Moore, Leadership Team Rep
 Partnership & Leveraging Action Team  Michelle Wood (OH)
 Irene Moore, Leadership Team Rep
 Performance, Goals, Outcomes Action Team  Carmella Shale (OH)
 Technical Processes Action Team  Co-Chair: Rich Duesterhaus
 Kendall Stucky (OH), Rick McSwain (NC)
 Training & Development Action Team  Nichole Emberson (WA)