Note: NCDEA President and Executive Director will serve on all committees as advisors
 Audit                                          *Rhonda Kelsch, Connie Richmeier and Jeri Trebelcock 
   The Past President appoints committee                                                 
 Awards *Pam Hawkins, *Rick Mickowski, Tim Thomas and Jeri Trebelcock
 By-Law *Brian Hacker, Irene Moore, Tim Thomas, Tia Rice and Rich Duesterhaus
 Events *Jeanette Hale, Connie Richmeier and Mamie Caison
 Grant *Brian Hacker and Tim Riley
*Connie Richmeier 
    Past President appoints committee 
 Past Presidents *Connie Richmeier, Cindy Moon, Robert Dobbs,  Rich Baden, and Mott Buff
 Policy and Procedure *Rhonda Kelsch, Tim Thomas and Connie Richmeier
 Professional Development

*Carolyn Kelly, Brian Hacker, Tia Rice and Irene Moore


*Pam Hawkins, Rick Mickowski, Jeri Trebelcock and Ed Hoxsie

 Strategic Planning *Carolyn Kelly, Tim Thomas, Rhonda Kelsch, Connie Richmeier, Irene Moore and Rich Duesterhaus 

*Tia Rice,  Brian Hacker, Tim Riley, Jeanette Hale and Mike Doxey (Photographer)

 Benevolence *Tim Riley and Jeanette Hale
  * Committee Chair
Tim Riley,
Jun 18, 2015, 9:56 AM