NCDEA Cookbook 


Over 1,000 recipes were contributed from all over the United States from conservation district employees who enjoy good food. These recipes won't be from just one region of the U.S. - they will represent all regions. 

This book will be one that the favorite cook in your life would enjoy to have in their library.    Here are a few recipes to wet your appetite: 

Chelsea's Savory Smoked Salmon Dip
Lime Vodca Slush
Vegetarian Chili
Aunt Melva's Pumpkin Roll

Wouldn't you like to know what recipes the NCDEA Officers chose to share with us?  You can reserve your copy today by filling out the order form below and mailing it in with $25, this includes the cost of shipping.  What are you waiting for - mail your order in today.  Click attachment below for order form.

NCDEA Clothing

The NACD Store is working with Cabelas and is now offering wearables with the NCDEA Logo.  Shirts, jackets, hats, briefcases, totes, and other items are available.  The stitching color may change depending on the garment color and the orders will be coming directly from Cabelas.  Please go to the NACD Store and check out what is available. 
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Tim Riley,
Jun 27, 2011, 1:25 PM