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Movie Title :L.A. Story

In this spin on the traditional romantic comedy, Harris K. Tellemacher, a Shakespearequoting, Los Angeles TV weatherman is looking for something meaningful for his life. The Los Angeles Freeway sign informs him that the weather will change his life in two ways, and Harris begins to search for the meaning behind that message.

Year : 1991

Genres : Fantasy Comedy Drama Romance

Rating [imdb] : 6.60

Something funny is happening in L.A.

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Actors : Steve Martin=Harris K. Telemacher Victoria Tennant=Sara McDowel Richard E. Grant=Roland Mackey Marilu Henner=Trudi Sarah Jessica Parker=SanDeE* Susan Forristal=Ariel Kevin Pollak=Frank Swan Sam McMurray=Morris Frost Patrick Stewart=Mr. Perdue, Maitre D' at L'Idiot Andrew Amador=Bob, News Anchor Gail Grate=Gail, News Anchor Eddie De Harp=Maitre D' at Brunch (as Eddie DeHarp) M.C. Shan=Rap Waiter at L'Idiot Frances Fisher=June Iman=Cynthia Tommy Hinkley=Ted Larry Miller=Tom Anna Crawford=Sharon (as Anne Crawford) Samantha McCoy=Sheila (as Samantha Caulfield) Thornton Simmons=Man

Directors : Mick Jackson

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