About Mukhed

Mukhed town is about75 km from Nanded, but travel to Mukhed from Nanded takes about two hours because of poor road conditions, and there is no train service.

Histry about mukhed

The historical name of this city was 'Mohanavati Nagar'. There is a fable about this name change. There was strong belief among native peoples that this city was enchanted! Once any personnel came to this city, would be enchanted by this city. And, as result, not able to easily leave this city. And the secret lies in name Mohanavati (which means bewitch). So they changed the name to Mukhed, as current city name!

Mukhed has background of Ramayana stories. King Dashratha (Father of Shree Ram), has unknowingly killed Shrawan Bal near a lake mistaking him as a wild Animal. Shrawan Bal had come there to get some water for his parents. They in turn cursed Dashratha that in his end period he will not be near his son. The lake is now called as Shrawan Chalma.It has a temple of Veerbhadra (Son of Lord Shiva)and it is believed that it is a unique temple. Veerbhadra is creation of Lord Shiva.