Temples in Mukhed carry lots of historical value, and every person you meet will have different story version of temple formation, as a growing up child I heard very interesting and some bit scary stories about the temple which was build overnight by Demons, which kept me fascinating about rich heritage this town has. Here on this page I have shared some of the photos most popular temples, which include recently developed temples like Sai Baba temple, Ganesh temple, and among the most scenic must see Shanidev temple. Which is located at on beautiful mountain, and you can see clear view of town from this location.                     

Side View of Shiva temple which believed to be the oldest temple in Mukhed.

Shiva is a god with many forms. He is the distant and enigmatic Godhead. Ishvara, the benevolent personal god, Shambhu, and the endearingly naïve Bhola whose uncomplicated Nature brings a smile to everyone’s face