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Ghana Extractive Industries Map

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Sectors: Mining, oil and gas
Countries: Ghana
Data available: Mining company payments, district receipts from mining, mineral and oil deposits, oil lease blocks, oil sales, socioeconomic indicators, donor-funded activities
Created by: The World Bank Institute
Last updated on: 30-Oct-2012
About the project:
This pilot project in Ghana built an online, publicly-accessible, interactive mapping application focused on the extractive industries of oil, gas and mining. The application allows users to map the locations of mineral, oil and gas deposits, active mines, oil and gas wells, socioeconomic indicators such as unemployment and malnutrition rates, government revenues, and donor-funded projects. After using the interface to create a custom map of the specific data and region of interest, a user can share the map using social media or download the underlying data.
The platform is being designed to make scaling up easy, and to accommodate other countries and datasets. By allowing users to create their own maps of this information, the relationships between extractive activities, socioeconomic data and governance-related data can be better explored and understood, which in turn can facilitate greater transparency and accountability.
The hosting of the interface is being transferred to the Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services, based at the University of Ghana, at
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