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Congo Mines

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Sectors: Forestry, mining
Countries: Democratic Republic of Congo 
Data available: Industrial mines, artisanal mines, mining permits, company payments, refineries
Created by: The Carter Center in partnership with the DRC's Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, and Tourism and others 
Last updated: 11-Jan-2012
About the project:
A French-language website created by The Carter Center provides detailed information and maps of industrial mines in Katanga Province, with the aim of increasing transparency and accountability around mining in the nation's rich Copper Belt. Researchers mapped approximately 80 industrial mines and 100 small-scale subsistence (artisanal) mines in the complex landscape of Katanga province, a copper-rich region in southern Congo. The resulting website shares information about the industrial mining sector in Katanga, with an interactive map of the various mining sites in the region that contains details about the social, financial, and legal situation of each site. While initially released in French, the website will soon be made available in English. (Adapted from the Carter Center website).