Aloe Barbadensis Plant 
                                        Aloe Vera, (pronounced a-low-veer-ra), its botanical name “Aloe Barbadensis”, popularly called the “burn plant”, “miracle plant”. Here in Jamaica it is commonly known as “single bible”, I guess because so many people swear to its healing properties.  I do too as it is my personal miracle aid.  It is amazing and complex.  The gel is a mixture of antibiotic, astringent, vitamins, minerals, coagulating agents, biogenic stimulator (growth stimulator), pain and scar inhibitor.                                                               
The earliest recordings were found in the Egyptian Papyrus Ebers in 1500 B.C. stating that from many centuries before claims were made of the vast medicinal properties of the Aloe Vera for treating wounds, stomach disorders, pain, constipation, sunburn, blemishes, insomnia, hairloss, headache, etc. 

 It has been said that Alexander the Great was persuaded by Aristotle to conquer the island of Socroto off the east coast of Africa in order to have access to sufficient quantity of aloe to heal his wounded soldiers and Cleopatra admitted her charm and beauty came through use of the Aloe Vera. 

 Indians in Mexico wet their hair at nights with the straight Aloe juice and allow it to dry, then in the morning they wash it away with water.  This seems to give the hair sheen and manageability. 

The Russians conducted tests on rabbits and after 30 days one third of the rabbits given Aloe were able to survive deadly doses of strychnine while the others all died.  This demonstrates the ability of the plant to stimulate the natural protective functions of the body against harmful substances.



You Tube Video About Aloe Vera

It is even mentioned in the Bible in John 19:39-40.

“Nicodemus, the one who had first come to him at night, also came bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes weighing about one hundred pounds.  They took the body of Jesus and bound it with burial cloth along with the spices according to the Jewish burial custom”

If it was used to anoint the body of Jesus then what about mine?

I believe everyone should have at least one plant of the aloe vera at home.  If you suffer a burn in the kitchen it's very easy to place your hand under running water or apply ice to it, but take my advice - DO NOT put anything on it but the pure Aloe gel and it's best to do it immediately.  If the burn is severe keep rewetting it as it dries for the next two days - the pain will subside and you will be free from scars.  A bottle of Aloe juice in the refrigerator is a must if you're accident prone.


It is not difficult to take care of the Aloe Vera plant.  The plant grows faster outside than inside so if you are in a tropical climate keep it in partial sun outside and by a window with full sun if you wish to keep it as
an indoor plant.  I have found that if planted in light shade you can water it every other week and if in full sun then it survives beautifully when watered once or twice per week.  Too much water actually causes the roots to rot and the leaves to look dull and soft, so if you are going to keep it indoors, let it dry out completely before you water it.  As we are living in the tropics I understand it doesn’t survive in areas where there is frost or snow.  (I have sandy soil)

When cutting the leaves cut from the lower ones (ones close to the ground) as the plant sprouts from the inside out and once removed the leaf will not grow back.  To prepare the gel for use simply trim away the thorns or spiked edges on either side of the leaf, then either cut it into chunks and then cut out the clear gel OR I sometimes just peel away the flat side lengthwise then scoop out the clear white gel and rinse away any yellow sap. 

         A cut Aloe Vera leaf                                       A cut Aloe Vera leaf showing white gel                                    Pure Aloe Vera gel

You should take care when preparing the gel for drinking though.  Do not consume the yellow sap and the green skin as it contains ingredients that can cause diarrhea.  The yellow sap is the part of the plant that has the bitter taste and unpleasant odour.  Try to extract the clear gel only for consumption, blend it and add it to your juice - you will hardly detect the slightly bitter taste.  If it's a little time consuming to prepare, purchasing the bottled drink might be more convenient for you. 

Because I get such great results, products containing Aloe Barbadensis are a must for me.  It is the best natural moisturizer that is absorbed through the skin so whether for skincare or haircare, I always look for the products that contain my aloe vera.  It is truly miraculous.             

But, don't just take my word for it.  Check out the personal accounts on the Testimonies page, share with me, link with me, read my blogs, do your own research and ask around, you'd be surprised at how many of your friends and neighbours have been using this miracle plant.
Look at this test using the aloe vera juice. This is what it does for your body .....

Aloe test.mp4

Have a look at some more videos and hear what some important believers have to say about aloe.

 Thanks for stopping by & stay healthy.   
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I'm not saying that the plant heals anything and everything and has no side effects.  So far I know of only one person who said that she had an allergic stinging sensation to the gel.  So before you take my word for it, please check out the plant and if you have a serious medical problem do seek qualified professional attention.

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