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Instructions for Customer Account

Welcome to the exciting changes we have made to the MyMEU-AZ website.

This Customer Account Page tutorial will help you to navigate through the website, sign up/renew your membership and register/book for classes. 

MyMEU-AZ Customer Account:

·      Click on BOOK YOUR CLASS. CLICK HERE (on home page)

·      Sign In Tab (current members): login: your email address, default password: massage1

o   Once logged in you need to click on your profile to change the default password 

·       Create a new account (if you are NEW to the program or your membership EXPIRED prior to July 2014):

o   Click Sign In tab to go to customer login page

o   Click Sign Up link and complete customer sign up registration

o   Once you have completed the registration you will need to purchase a membership in order to register for a class. You can do this by going to the Your Membership tab.

·      TO BOOK YOUR SEAT:  The following steps MUST be done to confirm your seat!!!

o   New Booking Tab: to register for the next class

o   Newest Classes at the Top: click on Book tab

o   Verify personal information is correct

o   Click tab Confirm Booking

o   Booking Confirmed page you can print out. You will also receive an immediate confirmation email. (Check your Spam folder too)

§  If you did not receive the confirmation email please notify us in the contact us page.

§  To verify that you are registered for the class. Click on YOUR BOOKINGS tab. Class will show up as booked. 


Purchasing a membership DOES NOT Confirm your seat for the class!! 

You MUST follow the Book Your Seat instructions above. 

o   Online Payments through Paypal in your customer account Membership tab

  • There is a drop down menu to allow you to choose 1 of 3 membership options. 

o   To Pay At Class: you must request/receive approval. Go to Contact Us prior to the close of registration. Once approved you will need to BOOK YOUR SEAT prior to the closing date of class registration.

·      Cancel my class seat

o   Your Bookings tab

§  Click on the class you need to cancel

§  Click the Cancel My Booking tab (it will ask you if you are sure) click tab

§  Confirm the cancelation.

§  You will receive an email confirming your cancelation of the class.


If you have any trouble, questions or comments

 please use the Contact Us link on the website.