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Troubleshooting Customer Account

On this page we will do what we can to help you sign in and book your seat for your next class. 

My account states that it has expired. It won't let me login. 
Check your internet cookies setting in the internet options
  • Open Internet Options
  • Click on Privacy tab
  • Click on Advanced  (button in the middle of the privacy tab)
  • Check to make sure that both first and third party cookies are accepted. 
  • Save and close out of the Internet entirely
  • Relaunch and sign in
I did not receive an email confirmation saying that I am registered for the class. 
to verify that you are registered 
  • log into your customer account
  • click on My Booking tab
  • If you do not see a current class on this page then you did not follow through with confirming the registration
  • Go back to customer account main page
  • click on New Booking
  • Current class will show with a green Book button to the far right.
  • Click on Green Book Button 
  • Click on Confirm Booking
  • final page will pop up stating that you are now confirmed for the upcoming class. Verify through my booking.