MyMethodistCollege is the new student portal in use at Nebraska Methodist College. If you hear "my methodist", "JICS", or "portal" - they are all essentially referring to the same thing. Within the portal, students can access their online course materials. This area of the portal is commonly referred to as eRacer. This guide is layed out according to the site navigation and structure in the portal. There are TABS at the top of the portal. Within the tabs are pages. Each page may contain many "portlets" or boxes. The links on the left side of this site flow in the same manner.
So, let's start with accessing the portal! If you need a break, play some Pac-Man ~ the link is on the left.
You log in to the portal with your network user name and password. This is the same one you use for your College email and to access computers on campus. This is given to you in your welcome packet along with information on how to change the password and when it expires.
If you are unable to log in to the portal, please email nmchelp@methodistcollege.edu so that we can verify your web account is set up correctly!!
When you log in to the portal, you will see 4 tabs available to you. The main tabs you'll use at this time are "My Student Information" and "Campus Life". Also note all of the other links available to you on the "Home" tab. Take special note of QUICK LINKS!!!
It is important to notice that you have MY COURSES located in quick links. This is where you will access the content for your courses.
My courses shows up on all pages within the portal. In addition to My Courses, you can also access other NMC and external resources.
Next, click the "My Student Information" tab.
This tab loads the default page of REGISTRAR. Please click the My Student Information link on the left side of this page now.