Multigenre Project and Resources


The purpose of creating the five multigenre artifacts is to give you an avenue for creating an alternative representation of what you have learned through your literature circles and through your research.

Each multigenre artifact should reflect some significant piece of knowledge or insight gained through your research. Ask yourself these questions before committing to a genre/artifact:

1. Why am I choosing this particular genre?
2. What do I want to show, express, or convey through this genre?


  • You may choose any artifacts/genre you prefer, but you may not repeat any one artifact.
  • If you are creating a VoiceThread or a movie, you may work with classmates and create it as a group, but these products should have the depth of multiple contributors.
  • We want to embed your genres as much as possible---please see Ms. Hamilton for assistance with this task.
  • After you embed your multigenre element in your page, you should also include a 3-5 sentence explanation of the multigenre element.  Please use questions 1 and 2 above to guide your brief discussion of your learning artifact.  

The Menu of Choices

Please see the attached PDF file for the menu of choices.  In addition, we are providing hard copy packets you can browse in class to see actual examples of artifacts.  Finally, if you would like to see some VoiceThreads, check out these mini-VoiceThreads from our 9th graders; yours will need more depth, but these examples as well as this additional set of examples can give you some ideas.  For movies and VoiceThread productions, you must write out a storyboard or script before you begin filming or recording.  We can also provide cameras and microphones as well as scanning services to assist you.

The Unquiet Library,
Nov 12, 2009, 6:14 AM