Patterns & Relations (7-9)

Math Games by Learning Outcome (Up to Grade 7) Math Games:  Looking for math games?  Christine Van der Ree, School District #71 Math Support Teacher, has developed a site that links to math games organized by grade and by Learning Outcome.

Patterns (oral & written patterns, table of values, graph & analyze linear equations)  
Spy Guys (Skip Intro, choose Lessons: 8. Summarizing / Extending Patterns)
Math Continuum (Patterns & Relations: Patterns) 
Math Playground (search "patterns" for games, puzzles) 
AAA Math (patterns)
AAA Math (equations)
Countdown (video: patterns)
Math Continuum (Patterns & Relations: Graphing Patterns)
Countdown (video: equations & graphing)
Math Interactives (patterns)
Riverdeep Algebra I (Systems of Linear Equations, Graphic Solutions of Linear Systems)
Internet4Classrooms (linear function / relation & graph)

Variables & Equations (preservation of equality, expression vs. equation, evaluating expressions, polynomials & polynomial expressions, model & solve linear equations)
Equations, Linear Equations, Expressions 
CoolMath Algebra (solving equations)
algebasicsTM (solving equations)
algebasicsTM (solving linear equations)
algebasicsTM (systems of linear equations)
Riverdeep Algebra I (The Language of Algebra: Variables, Expressions & Equations / Linear Equations in One Variable)
Spy Guys (Skip Intro, choose Lessons: 11. Balancing Equations)
Illuminations (expressions & equality) 
Math Interactives (exploring algebra)
BBCSkillswise (game: matching equations)
Math Interactives (linear equations)
AAA Math (equations)
AAA Math (evaluating expressions)
Math Continuum (Patterns & Relations: Equations)
Countdown (video: variables)
Interactivate (linear functions / relations)
Math is Fun (linear equations)

    Linear Inequalities
    Riverdeep Algebra I (Linear Inequalities)
    AAA Math (inequalities)
    Countdown (video: Intro to Inequalities 1 & 2, Algebraic Intro to Inequalities)
    CoolMath Algebra (solving inequalities)
    Math Interactives (polynomials)
    Riverdeep Algebra II (Powers & Polynomials: Polynomial Arithmetic)
    Math is Fun (addition & subtraction)
    CoolMath Algebra (add, subtract, multiply)
    Math is Fun (muliplication)
    CoolMath Algebra (division)
    Math is Fun (division)
    Riverdeep Algebra II (Powers & Polynomials: Polynomial Arithmetic)
    Countdown (video: simplification of polynomials I)
    Countdown (video: simplification of polynomials II)