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one for all and all for one 



This is after I recieved my M.Tech. Degree in CS  in 2006. The apron looks very odd right! Mmm the Degree is also odd and so is the institution ISI and so am I, odd man out they call.

A little about me

Did my schooling in Kings English Medium School, Chittoor till 1997; followed by  Intermediate in Vidyaranya Jr College,  Tirupati till 1999.  Then entered the SVUniversity to do my B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, and that was a very long journey which took almost 4 years
and could only finish it in 2003. Insufficient enough, went on to do M.Tech. in Computer Science at ISI and i found that it was more enervating than my previous journey but managed to get out of it in 2005.

But though it was a long journey, i have quiet enjoyed it just because i simply had a lot of friends

Some influenced me to read novels, some the technical stuff and some more to freak out and so on. But the most i enjoyed all through is the late night conversation in the hostel rooms, pulling legs, making bakras and what not.