Why Drop-In Child Care at Hospitals?

My Little Waiting Room® aims to help families visiting the hospital. It’s for moms and dads who are patients heading to routine exams or tests; visiting relatives in the ICU; giving birth to more children; unexpectedly landing in the Emergency Room; or the like.

We believe it’s a service that’s desperately needed. Public health studies show that lack of childcare is a major barrier to women seeking healthcare. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health states women caregivers are:

    1. 50% more likely than other women to report difficulties getting needed medical care, and
    2. twice as likely not to get care when they need it.

Further, the Family Caregiver Alliance says family caregivers report failure to stay in bed when ill, and postponement of or failure to make medical appointments. 

Survey Results

We conducted our own informal survey to determine if drop-in child care is needed at the hospital. We received more than 200 responses that overwhelmingly say, “Yes!”. Click here to read the results and here to take the survey if you haven’t already.

Additionally, our first hospital partner has surveyed its medical office building tenants. One-hundred percent enthusiastically support the concept.


Even before My Little Waiting Room opened, we began hearing from parents and medical professionals across the country who agreed this service is needed. Since we opened at Providence St. Vincent in 2010 and at Providence Portland Medical Center in 2013, with Volunteers of America Oregon providing the service, we have been overwhelmed with positive comments. Click here to read some of them.