Here is a sample of comments we've heard from parents who've been using our service:

"I used your facility today and for the first time in almost four years I was able to go to my I.V. treatment without my daughter. We both loved it! I got to relax and see my doctor and not worry about the anxious and bored child. Your staff was competent, friendly and welcoming."

"I feel like you made this just for me."

"This will change my life."

"Thank you for taking care of my daughter so that I could take care of my son."

"We love My Little Waiting Room. The staff is so wonderful and my daughter loved going there while her little brother was in physical therapy for MANY months at St. Vincents. He was recently discharged and she is bummed she will not be going so much. Thanks so much for what you do!! It is such an amazing service!"

"We had the opportunity to use your services when we most needed it, and my children loved the staff and the activities offered to them. I always had peace of mind when I dropped my children off there. Thank you so much!!

And prior to opening, we heard:

“Finding childcare was the hardest part of my cancer treatment.”

“Not everyone has family or neighbors they can depend on.”

“Once I knew my well child had care, I could focus on my sick child.”

“Kids need to be kids.  Especially when a family is hurting.”

“We had to leave our daughter with a sitter when we went to the hospital – it was hard on all of us.”

“To be stuck in a hospital room for hours with a seriously ill parent is no place for a child.”

“I worry who will comfort my child if and when I can’t.”

“I work at St. Vincent’s and am so proud that we will be the first site!  I work in the NICU that doesn’t allow siblings under 12 yrs of age unless with a Child Life Specialist so it makes it difficult for parents to come visit their baby as they have no child care.  I know it will be a huge benefit for our families!”