My Little Waiting Room® is a non-profit started by two Oregon moms to bring drop-in child care to hospitals.  

Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of families by bringing drop-in child care to the hospital so that children can thrive as families heal, according to the My Little Waiting Room Child's Bill of Rights.

We figure since grocery stores, gyms, community centers and other locations offer this needed service, hospitals should too. Especially since families at the hospital are often in crisis and could really use the help. That's why we're working with two local hospitals and a professional child care provider to help families in need. 

We believe for families to realize the brightest possible futures together, their ability to obtain medical attention is vital. We further believe children have the right to thrive as their family members seek that care. That's why we've written the following Bill of Rights which guides our project:

Child's Bill of Rights

        1. As a child, I deserve competent care while my family member seeks medical attention.

        2. As a child, I have the right to keep learning and growing socially, emotionally and intellectually while my family members take             care of their health.

        3. As a child, I deserve help managing the stress caused in my life by my family's medical situation.

        4. As a child, I need sanctuary and a place to call my own where I can seek peace, friendship and security while my family                     members are treated medically.

 Locations for scheduling
My Little Waiting Room at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center
9205 SW Barnes Road, Ste. 104
Portland, OR 97225
(503) 216-MLWR (6597)

My Little Waiting Room at Providence Portland Medical Center4805 NE Glisan St.Portland, OR
(503) 215-5400