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keep your kitty safe... keep him/her indoors 

Having an indoor feline zoo crew isn't as hard as you may think.

Letting cats be cats is the most loving thing you can do for your cats. That means training them to use scratchers, sisal/carpet climbers, or soft claws nail caps.

Please do not declaw, please click this link to read about declawing: it is a cat's best defense and an integral part of who your cat is.

Another important link about declawing:

Paw Project

To fully understand your cat's behaviour and properly resolve the issue of problem scratching, please read this article in it's entirety.

My cat groups on yahoo:

9 lives cats health and happiness (health and behaviour group for cats lovers)

Eight is just not enough crew (multiple cats group)

Indoor cats group

Serendipity of felines in pictures

 Sage & Jerrys Kitty Clowder (a rainbow bridge group)

a few highly recommended cat sites:

Roman Cat Sanctuary

The Cat Welfare Society of Israel: Friends of the feline

The Hemingway Home in Key West

links to some cool cat food, litter, toys and accessories:

Cat food: 

Top 10 Premium Dry Cat Foods

chicken soup for the petlovers soul

merrick pet foods

Natural Balance Pet foods

Newman's Own Organics pet food

Wellness Cat food

Nutro Cat Products

Wysong Cat food

Solid Gold Cat food


A cat litter that lives up to it's name

pet fountains, covered litterboxes and toys:


Animal Health stuff 

 Revival Animal Health: where you can get cat medical supplies

Animal Care Equipment and Services 

 Ways to keep your cats indoors and happy:

Click to feed an animal in need



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check out the Natura Pet Ingredient Wizard:

to compare different cat foods and their ingredients

A very interesting & informative food comparison chart, for cats and ferrets :)

food_treats chart 

 Clean Green for a Cat-Safe Home

my.little.feline.zoo's Home Page

some more pix of my little feline zoo .......

Cammie and Smokey Joes' Baby pictures.

Suggested cat book reading list

my little feline zoo crew's photo album

Keeping your cat indoors

 9 Lives

Resources for Feral Cats

The Vaccination Conundrum

all you want to know about cats.... and more ^..^ 

Cat Factoids, proverb, trivia, quotes and more....

Bella and Tippy's page

Are you allergic to your cats? 

My little feline zoo crews' saved/birthdays

you gotta have friends.......  

new additions to the little feline zoo... look how they have grown

Cat of the month 

My little feline zoo's memorial page