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Beauty was my first rescue. She gave birth to Cammie and Smokey in my bedroom closet.

this is Smokey Joe


this is what you call sibling cuddlery :)

my little feline zoo crew's favourite sleeping spot :)


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this is my first rescue Blackie (click on each picture to enlarge)

this is Archie, one of the fab four siblings I agreed to foster. became attached and decided to keep them.

this is Bijoux. sibling to Archie.

this is Casper, sibling to Archie and Bijoux.

finally, the last of the fab four, Cassidy. Sibling to Archie, Casper and Bijoux.

then came Wiley...

not long after, my very own Dennis the menace joined my little feline zoo. His name is Jack.

just when I thought that was it.... two wonderful longhairs came into my life (long story)

this is Tippy, brother to Bella

this is Bella. Sister to Tippy.

Just when I thought I had an even dozen, along came Fredo (another long story)