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I have Tips and Tricks to share with you to get the best out of your blog and are TOTALLY FREE SO PLEASE HEAR ME OUT 
 I have had to search and search for different ways to get the best out of my blog.  Because like most people I am not made of money and wanted these things for free.  These tips and tricks I want to share with you because you signed up to be apart of my community and I really appreciate it. Here is a list: 
(1)   There are many different ways to get the most out of your blog.  You can add programs EASILY to your blog to generate money.  These program can be either pay per click,  Page Impression,  sponsors,  and referrals.  The best one so far for me any way has been Google Adsense.  You can Sign up for free right Here
(2)   Another great way to get the best out of your blog is knowing where to get free webtools for your blog. Again this is free and easy to setup. Some examples of these free tools are: web page counter, chatroom, vote poll, web cartoon, horoscope, guestbook, tell-a-friend, Traffic Exchange, Make money program and many more free tools to add to your blog. Sign up for Free here.
(3)    Also if you didn't Know. Make sure you submit your site to Google search engine to get your blog out there to millions on the web everyday. Submit it to Yahoo as well.
(4)      Here is more free things you can sign up for right here.  Google Fire Fox and Google pack for faster and safer searching.
(5)    Another way to Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
(6) Get paid to post:
(7) Get paid to read Emails 

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