Another Venture of Learning (My journey to copywriting)

Another venture of learning

As a learner, we continue to find ways to grow and show the world the many aspects of that growth.

I like to venture on different Self-help types of Learning, it nourishes my passion for creating something that interests me.  

I have had many different interests, which, I tried to explore, and all of them helped me grow into a more curious learner.

Feeling of Failure

I must admit, I tend to start different ventures that lead to stagnation.

Maybe because I lose interest, or maybe because, once I experience failure, I immediately get into, "I can't do this" or "it's too hard for me" self-talk.

Negative self-talk always lingers, and just like the usual response we say to ourselves, maybe, "it's not for me" or maybe, "I'm not meant to do these kinds of things".

But, nevertheless, because I love writing, here I am starting a new venture...

Love of Writing... curious about copywriting email

So, my story begins with, I enjoy WRITING.

I have been getting this email that hooks me into using my "writing skills" to make money.

Being able to do what I already love to do, which is "WRITING", and getting paid while doing it, seems a good match for me.

I kept ignoring this type of email, simply because I had been busy with life.

But, I always kept it on the back burner of my mind that someday, I would want to make writing for a living.

As I can remember, It has been at least a year or more since I've been getting an email from Rebecca Matter, the president of AWAI.

Part-time Jobs

I focus on doing two part time jobs, which basically occupy most of my time.

I tutor Pre-K thru 3rd-grade students during after school hours and doing long-term subbing in different title 1 for school at Clark County School District.

I love being a substitute teacher, it gives me the freedom to choose the days I want to work, and at the same time, I am able to work with wonderful children.

Although, both jobs doesn't make me any money, nevertheless, I enjoyed doing them.

I'm still doing the same part time job, I let go of tutoring and kept one, which is being a substitute teacher.

Scanning the internet for work at home part-time jobs

Now that I have extra time, I keep scanning the internet for work at home jobs.

So many things have been talked about that you need to do, but they just leads you to buy a product.

Which, I don't really like doing, I prefer seeing the product, holding it in my hand and making a decision that way, before buying them.

Except of course, if it's vitamins, oils or other health supplements, I tend to order it online.

So, The Journey Begins

I signed up to the Barefoot Writers Club Member program. The program talks about becoming a “COPYWRITER”.

Anyone who reads the letter will be convinced to say that I can write a letter just like that.

In my own understanding, reading the convincing process of making money while doing what you already know how to do, Is what had sold it, for me.

So there I go, signed my life away, to a program that I know could change my life.

Sounds so scary at first, but I got hooked!

The fact that they basically make it easy for you to use your love of writing.

Getting paid to do what you like doing, which in my case, love of writing.

Giving it A Shot

I finally give it a shot, signed-up for a program that gives me 1-year membership.

Anyway, I thought about it as a chance to learn something that would harness my skill in writing.

Aside from that, keep me occupied, now that I have so much time in my hand.

I was given access immediately to articles and magazine they have posted on the site.

I was able to read articles in the barefoot magazine about different experiences of members in the field of copywriting.

Two days after I signed up, I was given an access to the group site.

Overwhelmed by the copywriting methods Articles

At first, it was overwhelming, so many things to read about, and so many things to pay attention to.

It was like OMG… I thought my brain would explode.

But anyhow, I decided to take it slow and didn’t pay attention to all the links that just out of my league.

Focus on the New Members Orientation

I decided to listen to the new members' orientation video.

They talk about so many pointers that basically helped you ease out to the world of copywriting.

Just like any other program I basically signed-up on, they talk about goals and paying attention to what your passion is.

Use that passion to help you get on the right track.

Writing to your niche as what they said.

Write to a niche where you want to explore in terms of writing.

My Writing Goal

I’m not sure what my goals are in this new endeavor yet.

So, I decided to make this website.

To walk you through my journey in copywriting.

One of the important advice they provide is to keep on writing and reading every day.

Read and Write as much as you can. Make it like a practice to harness your writing skill.

Read examples of other copywriters work, and apply those strategies in your own writing.

Connect with other copywriters via social media (facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Lastly, don't forget to share what you learn with others who are also new to the field of copywriting.

The Purpose of this Website

My purpose is to share my journey to copywriting with everyone.

Giving you a glimpse on the new venture of using my passion for writing.

Which leads to changing my outlook in learning, and giving me something to look forward to doing every day.

Not just, helping myself earn an income to sustain my daily expenses.

But also, helping others grow their business as well.

Thank you for passing by and join me as I walk into BECOMING A WELL PAID COPYWRITER.

By: Maria Lourdes Gauthier