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Myles Holmes Ministries

Dear Pastor,    

I am praying for you! You are on the front lines of the battle daily; the battle for souls, for family, for truth and the battle to redeem our culture for Christ.  As a pastor for 25 years, and the son and grandson of pastors, I understand the daily warfare you are engaged in, as well as the joys and rewards of serving Christ in building His church. 

By way of this letter, I would like to offer to you my ministry and friendship.  My wife and I are available for special ministry, but in three particular ways, on a somewhat different basis than the typical evangelist.


1)    Our support of the pastor.  When ministering in a local church we consider it our first priority to honor, encourage and promote the ministry of the pastor.  It is a privilege to honor the office and the person that God has entrusted with leadership of His flock.


2)    Finances.  If your ministry setting is within a three hour drive we do not require accommodations.  Travel expenses and a love offering or honorarium are appreciated.  We do not receive our own offerings, and will not be involved in any pressure or manipulation of God's people in any way.  We come to leave a blessing behind.


3)    Ministry we offer.  Because of both my years of experience in ministry, and my love of research, study and reading, I would be happy to be assigned a topic that you would like me to teach or preach about.  On the other hand, we also seek the Lord for His direction if you do not require a certain ministry subject.  Also, because of our worldwide ministry exposure on international television and across America by local stations, cable networks, and DirecTV satellite service, we may be able to bring some new folks to your church by way of some minimal advertising.


We are available for evangelistic or seasonal outreaches, Missions emphasis, musical concert, couples banquets or seminars, family faith seminars, end-time prophetic teaching, leadership teaching and pastoral consultation/coaching.  One of my life messages is the restoration of dreams and vision building.  A supernatural experience in my life one weekend, imparted to my spirit a mandate from God to release His dream in the lives of believers. Valerie and I would be delighted to meet you and minister with you.  We deliver humor without frivolity, passion and anointing without theatrics, and we bring experience without arrogance.  Looking forward to being a blessing to you and your church.

Your brother in the battle,


Myles Holmes      


The Church is God’s living hope for the world!  Christ intends the church to be salt and light, overcoming, victorious, advancing against the gates of hell which cannot prevail against it.  The church is a light house for the lost and a beacon of hope for the hurting.  It is a voice of conscience to a dark world.  I love the church!

Following are some of my definitions of a “successful” pastor.

·        A successful pastor is one whose people remember what he has taught, can repeat it and successfully live it out in their daily lives.

·        A successful pastor has people who are proud of their church, unashamed to invite their friends and family.

·        A successful pastor loves his wife and kids and his people know it!  He inspires others to pattern their marriage and child-rearing after his example.

·        A successful pastor is one whose life demonstrates the joy of serving Christ.

·        A successful pastor must love God supremely and love and care for people with great affection.

·        A successful pastor must exhibit the utmost respect for the Word of God and deliver its message with conviction and clarity while applying its truths to the current challenge of the culture.

·        The successful spiritual leader must be an evangelist at heart, and a discipler in mission.

·        A successful pastor lives his life as an example of the believer.  He preaches and teaches the living Word of God with passion, enthusiasm and joy.

·        A successful pastor’s people trust him because they can sense his genuine warmth, sincerity and love.  The messages he shares are practical to daily life and helpful to those struggling.  Week after week the Word of God brings encouragement, hope and new purpose.

·        A successful pastor answers the questions in church that people are asking at the office or the factory.

·        A successful pastor encourages the church to believe for growth by winning the lost.  The people are proud of their church and know they can invite their friends and family unashamedly to events aware that a clear, compelling Gospel invitation will be offered.

·        A successful pastor says, “Follow me as I follow Christ”.  And then he follows Christ!

. I believe in Pastoral and prophetic authority, but that does not negate the Word’s demand that we live in submission to one another.  There must be a clear and common vision in order to prevent division.  I believe the gifts and anointings and abilities are already “in the house”, and we must recognize and release those gifts.  Team work really does make the dream work!

  I believe there are gifting and abilities on every team and the most efficient use of those resources brings the best results.  Square pegs should only be inserted into square holes.

I believe in careful, prayerful planning and preparation and specific, detailed delegation.  Successful events and ministries never simply happen, they are made to happen.

Debriefing is critical.  Every event needs to be analyzed to ascertain what worked and what did not, what could be improved and what should be scrapped.

I believe in setting strategic goals which are measurable.  Written reports and meetings to evaluate progress are critical.  Written job descriptions with clear expectations are necessary.

Pastors must  operate through encouragement and positive motivation.  I believe effort must be applauded, appreciated and affirmed.  I believe success must not only be noticed but celebrated.

Pastors must be  highly relational with staff, department leaders and board.  A church can be no more effective than its leadership is united with common heart and vision.

Saturating all of this administrative style must be the tangible anointing, the living presence of Christ and a prayerful, joyful attitude in office and church, staff and board meetings.


 The primary emphasis of  preaching ministry is to bring biblical balance to the pulpit.  Our Pentecostal/charismatic experience often tends towards extremes.  I have found that extremes on either side of any issue are equally dangerous and unhealthy.  It is clear to me that the Body of Christ operates in its optimum level of power, joy and fulfillment in Christ when understanding and applying the whole counsel of God. 

Another strong emphasis of  pastoral ministry must be connecting youth with the Body.  The healthiest churches and the most biblical, minister effectively to the entire family.  Visitors should look around the church on sunday morning and see seniors loving Jesus, teens on fire worshipping God, boys and girls and young singles, moms and dads, all giving glory to God.  unless pastors are committed to reaching youth for Christ, there is no future for the church!  The following are my

10 strategies for reaching and keeping a younger  generation;

1.      Heavily involve the current teens and 20’s in public gatherings.  (Music, worship team, announcements, skits, drama’s, etc.)

2.      In services, be as visual as possible with technology, large screen video, dramas, illustrated sermons, etc. don't as "How should I say this?", rather, "How can I SHOW this?"

3.      Refuse to allow church to become boring or predictable. It is a sin to make the Word of God boring!

4.      Present a younger face.  If everybody on the platform is over 65, the church is sending the wrong message. (Keeping in mind I do love our seniors and believe they are the spiritual foundation of the Assembly... not to mention, the financil foundation)

5.      Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor must maintain a publicly affirming mutually honoring relationship. it must be obvious they like and respect each other.

6.      Preaching and teaching must be current and relevant to today’s questioning, searching generation.  The pulpit must answer questions that are being presented at high school and college campuses.  Preaching must be biblical and Word centered and responsive to challenges facing youth today.

7.      We must embrace a current sound in worship and music inviting to a young generation.  I have consistently found that older worshippers have no problem with contemporary worship as they begin to see their grandchildren enthusiastically worshipping Christ.

8.      The church as a whole, Pastors, staff, board and congregation must be intentional and missional  and in hot pursuit of the young and the unchurched.

9.      It must be policy and practice that youth are the “church of today”, not tomorrow!

10.  Youth want to experience the reality of the presence and power of God.  They have an ability to cut through the phony and fake and they demand a genuine encounter with the living God.  We must deliver!



I spent a couple of hours last night digging into these amazing facts.  And here is just some of what I found…

It has to do with one particular activity, which I will tell you about in just a moment, but listen carefully because individuals who are involved in this one weekly habit  have ….

1)      Marriages that  are happier and healthier sexually. (University of Virginia)

2)      A Lower risk of depression, and they rebound from depression 70% faster than the general population.  (Indiana University)

3)      A Lower incidence of alcoholism or drug abuse personally or in their family. (University of California)

4)      An Increased life span of  7-8 years.  It was the single most dependable factor in increasing life span in a survey of several thousand.  (University of California)

5)      Children with  better attitudes, who get better grades in school, compared to the general population  (University of Iowa)

6)      This activity has been proven to help the  poor move out of poverty into the middle class. (Heritage Foundation)

7)      This activity reduces crime and violence. (National Institute for Health Care Research)

8)      It improves the odds for a very happy life. (Heritage Foundation)

9)      Doing this at least weekly cuts your risk of heart attack and stroke, boosts the immune system and reduces blood pressure.. (University of Iowa)

10)   Fathers who are involved at least weekly in this activity are more involved with their children’s lives and are more affectionate with them than fathers in the general population. (University of Virginia)

11)   It also produces lower death rates from cardiac, respiratory and digestive diseases. (National Institute of Aging)

12)   And it improves mental health and sense of well being and hope.  (John Hopkins)

Wel ,  you may or may not have figured it out by now, but the exciting news  is that we are talking about the statistically, scientifically proven benefits of …regular, habitual church attendance! That’s right, universities, researchers and health statisticians are finding out what should not surprise any believer… going to church is very good for you and your marriage, kids and your health! Now today, we are not going to tackle the spiritual benefits, the worship, prayer, teaching, preaching, fellowship, instruction, protection and grace that is found in Christian Community, but I will remind you that this healthy habit is not a social option for a follower of Christ. If you are in health and able, we are told by Scripture in Heb.10:25 that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.  I know you have a sense like I do that the day of his appearing is approaching quickly, so let’s reap all the benefits of obeying His instruction, let’s meet together in church next Sunday!