New Life ABC's
Only Jesus Christ can offer you a brand new eternity...starting with today!

  ABC's of a New Life!

If this is your first time visiting our web site, you have just come to the most important page. It is so very important that you surrender your life to Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that ...........


A ... Acknowledge that you are a sinner.Romans 3:23 Accept responsibility, repent, tell God you're sorry.

B ... Believe that Jesus Christ is Savior, God & Lord. Romans 10:9 He is your only hope.

C ... Confess Him with your mouth. Romans 10:9 Tell somebody what you are doing.

D ... Determine to know Him through His Word. John 17:17 Read the Bible daily.

E ... Enjoy the sweet privilege of prayer. John 14:12-14 Talk to God.

F ... Fellowship with other Christians. John.17:20-22 Heb. 10:25 John. 13:34,35 Hang out with people who will build your faith, not destroy it! Find a good Bible preaching church and go to every service you can.

G ... Glorify God by loving and obeying Him through complete submission to His Word. John 14:21, 1 Corinthians 10:31

H ...Hallelujah! You're on your way to heaven! Revelation 22:3-5