My Youth Leadership Experience

About Us

MYLE is a free, annual, student-organized leadership conference for eighth graders, sponsored by OMNI youth services. Its purpose is to motivate middle schoolers to go out and make a difference in their communities. Students learn about community service and leading peers, skills which are useful in high school and set participants apart from their classmates. Eighth graders who attend MYLE move onto high school prepared to lead and serve their communities.


We strive to promote active involvement of youths in their communities by giving them the leadership skills they need to succeed. 

Our History

In the Summer of 1999, then sophomore Marina Ricci was picked to be the Buffalo Grove High School Ambassador  at the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Conference of Northern Illinois (HOBY).

In the summer of 2000, Marina became an intern at a local youth organization called OMNI Youth Services. There, Phil Carona, Marina’s supervisor, gave her the opportunity to do anything she felt would impact the community as her duty as an intern. Jokingly, Marina said that she wanted to do a leadership conference for eighth graders in order to give them the skills that HOBY gave her. Phil did not take this as a joke. Thus, the idea for the MYLE Conference was formed.

With the help of OMNI Youth Services and all of the people involved in this organization which gives young people the power to take control of their lives and to achieve their dreams, the project became a reality. Six months later, after a lot of hard work, the First Annual MYLE Conference became a reality on Nov. 3, 2000. Twenty-five eighth graders attended, and through the help of OMNI Youth Services, HOBY alumni and community volunteers, the conference could not have been any more successful.
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