From Home ......

...... to a journey less travelled....

To the surprise of many people, I took up Master of Instructional Design and Technology (MIDT) (a FIRST IN MALAYSIA, 100% online programme) offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM) from January 2009 to September 2010. It was indeed a journey less travelled by an accountant. I had been asked many times: why are you here? All of them asked with concern that I could have made a wrong turn (or worst, a U-turn).

As such, this eportfolio is the records and results of the journey. It was indeed an unusual turn that I had made, but definitely it was not a wrong one.

This unusual turn had led to a totally different but exciting learning experience. We shared a lot of thoughts, reactions, and feelings with our facilitators and coursemates. We contributed, collaborated, and co-created ideas, concepts and knowledge together. We explored learning opportunities. Last but not least, we all succeeded in achieving our goals together.

It is this journey that opens up countless windows for me to explore and experience the exciting world of education, knowledge and technology. Had I knew of this journey earlier, I could have also bored with accountancy and changed my profession long ago.

Purpose and Goal

This e-portfolio serves three purposes, namely assessment, showcase and continual learning, as follows:

i.    Assessment

As evidence of the competencies that I am expected to achieved in all the courses of the MIDT programme. 

ii.    Showcase

As a showcase of my capabilities, skills and knowledge in instructional design and education technology.

iii.    Continual Learning and research

The collection of reflections and artefacts will act as platform for launching continual learning and research on certain subject areas.

Contents & Navigation

The contents and my learning experience in each course will be presented in separate pages. Each page contains a course synopsis, learning outcome, course facilitators, summary, reflection, and lastly showcase and artefacts created and collected.

Click here or on the MIDT Programme in the navigation bar on the top lefthand side of this page to view the summary of all the pages.


The primary audience of this eportfolio is OUM facilitators and the secondary audience is my MIDT coursemates.

This eportfolio is also intended to be used as information, reference, study guide for potential MIDT students and as knowledge for sharing with the cyber communities for continual learning and research.

Last but not Least........

my gratitude to all the excellent FACILITATORS who had held our hands patiently throughout the whole journey, and all the COLLEGUES/FRIENDS who had been generously and relentlessly sharing, collaborating and creating KNOWLEDGE for ALL.

Recent Announcements

  • Final Except for the Final Review Report for the Practicum project which will be linked soon, my eportfolio project has already been completed and ready for review. 
    Posted 29 Sep 2010, 08:53 by Imran Chen
  • Updates Added Artifacts for HMLT5203, HMIC5503 and HMLC5303.
    Posted 16 Sep 2010, 11:07 by Imran Chen
  • Summary, Reflection & Self Evaluation Added to HMID5003 and HMIR5103
    Posted 26 Jul 2010, 09:19 by Imran Chen
  • HMID5003 & HMIR5103 The above two pages are ready for review and comments. Please check under the main subject MIDT Programme.
    Posted 18 Jul 2010, 05:31 by Imran Chen
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