01 - Getting Started

The goal for each week is to publish at least one post and comment on the post of at least three other members of our cadre.

Three tasks for each week in this two-week period:

Week 1:
  1. Read Becoming a Reflective Teacher.
  2. Watch Obvious to You, Amazing to Others (shown below) from Derek Sivers.
  3. Select a blog platform, get setup, write an introductory post about your learning, and complete the form at the bottom of this page.
    1. WordPress
    2. EduBlogs
    3. Blogger

YouTube Video

Week 2:
  1. Read What Do You Know About Creative Commons by Bill Ferriter and/or How to Attribute Creative Commons images in your blog properly?.
  2. Peak Learning Experience Exercise - "Think about your own life and the times when you were really learning, so much and so deeply, that you would call these the “peak learning experiences” of your life. Write a rough draft: Tell a story (you may include pictures, symbols, or other icons, too) about this peak learning experience, and respond to the question, “What were the conditions that made your high-level experience so powerful and engaging?"(adapted from 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times, Trilling and Fadel, 2009; used as choice in Writing-Is-Thinking CFT Pre-Institute Assignment in 2012 with Bo Adams.)
  3. Post one of your Peak Learning Experiences on your blog.

Great teachers lead us just far enough down a path so we can challenge for ourselves. They provide us just enough insight so we can work toward a solution that makes us, makes me want to jump up and shout out the solution to the world, makes me want to step to the next higher level. Great teachers somehow make us want to ask the questions that they want us to answer, overcome the challenge that they, because they are our teacher, believe we need to overcome. 
(Lichtman, 20 pag.)

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