MyLearningEdu 1.5

If we want to support students in learning, 
and we believe that learning is a product of thinking, 
then we need to be clear about what we are trying to support. 
(Ritchhart, Church, and Morrison, 5 pag.)

MyLearningEDU is an experiential learning course where educators keep an electronic portfolio of experiences and reflections to enhance learning, expand ability to personalize the learning process, and deepen understanding of their learning and growth.

This 20-hour (2 PLU) workshop is designed for educators interested in self-assessment, reflection, and formative assessment. The primary goals of MyLearningEDU portfolio are to develop professional self-awareness and the habits of reflection and goal-setting. It provides a space for faculty to capture evidence of learning, reflect on learning, and receive coaching in many areas.


The overarching goals of MyLearningEdu 1.5 are 
  1. to approach teaching and learning from inquiry-driven paradigms, 
  2. to model and develop reflection and self-assessment, and 
  3. to use 21st Century tools to communicate, collaborate, and connect with other educators.

This course is designed to build teacher experience, confidence, and understanding of reflection, digital portfolios, and feedback.  Strategies employed in this course will be hands-on and digital development practices for reflection, self-assessment, learning, feedback, and growth.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to say:
  • I can use reflection as a formative assessment and self-assessment tool.
    • I can develop and utilize journaling and e-portfolios.
    • I can use authentic peer-to-peer and self-assessment practices to inform professional growth and learning.
  • I can design processes that can be used in a classroom to promote and celebrate self-reflection for learning.
    • I can integrate technologies that enhance self-reflection and asynchronous communication.
    • I can facilitate authentic peer-to-peer and self-assessment practices to motivate growth and learning.
This class will meet asynchronously throughout the semester from August 1 through January 1.  Participants will document their learning on their professional blog.  Participants will collaborate, learn, and share by commenting on the blogs of others participating in this course.

To earn 2 PLU credits (Georgia Department of Education), participants will
  • establish a professional portfolio to document the journey of becoming a more reflective teacher.
  • demonstrate fulfillment of required activities by posting completed work and reflections to individual blogs.
  • model connectedness by reading and commenting on the reflections of others in this course. 
  • practice offering warm and cool feedback in constructive, kind, and purposeful ways using suggested protocols.