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2018 Fall Registration Information

This season, Lassie is continuing their partnership with League Apps for the registration process.  This new system should give both the League, Coaches, Team Moms, and Parents an easier platform for contact (both email and text), information about practice and games, and any cancellations due to weather.  Thank you for working with us as we continue to implement this system.  We will not use a paper system this season, so please make every effort to utilize the League Apps website to register.  We will have registration events where you can come and sit with a volunteer to register on line through a lap-top the volunteer will have. 

Regular Dues for the 2018 Fall Season are $103 for Rookies and $113 for Mini and Junior players, with a $10 discount for each if you register between August 1st and August 10th, or $10 more if you register after August 20th. 

To receive information about the season, practice, clinics, etc, you will need to register in League Apps or you will miss out on needed information and communication.  You can do this before you register your player for the 2018 Fall Season to ensure you receive information.  There are two registrations, one for League Apps site for your family, and one for your player. 

For new parents/guardians that have not previously created an account, you can click on the below link go to this site to register as a parent or guardian


1.    Or type in https://milassieleague.leagueapps.com/signup in the browser if above link does not work.
2.    Under "Enter Account Details" you will be prompted to create a sign up and password, and to then input some parent and emergency contact information.   At bottom click "create my account and go to next step".  If you have registered in a previous season, sign in under "Already Have an Account".
3.   You should then be taken to your "Dashboard" where it will say "My registered activities".  In middle of screen click in red banner click on "Leagues".  This pulls up a screen that says "Softball" under which you will see "Merritt Island Lassie League Softball 2018 Spring Registration".  Click button that says "View Details". 
4.    You should now have a choice to pick which division you are registering a player for.  So click blue "Register" button beside whichever age group applies to your player.  It is important to click the correct Register button, so scroll down until you see the one beside your players division, i.e. Rookie, Mini, Junior, or Senior.  Then input information for your player.
5.    Next screen says to "Register your player".  You can register as a coach or a player.  In this example, we will register as a player, so select "My player" and click on "Add a new player".
6.    Screen continues where you can add in your player information, including a player email if you want to add one and any player medical conditions.  Once you have input this information, click "Create Member".
7.    A new screen appears where you reflecting the correct division you player should be in based on their age.  Click that age group, then new screen will ask for additional information.  In this screen, if you need to pay in person by check or cash, under "Discount Code" put "PIP" so you can pay in person, otherwise do not put in anything if you will pay on line (preferred method of payment).  Complete the remaining information on the screen, including uploading a copy of the players birth certificate if a new player.  Then click button that says "Register" for your players division. 
8.    After clicking "Register" you can input the payment information or register another player.  
9.   There should be a field for Comments, Notes, and Team requests at the end of registration.  If not, please email us at lassieleague1@yahoo.com with your comments and so we can try to correct the program. 

Please note:
Please note Coaches can register themselves online through this process as well. 

Step by Step instructions to register:

Any trouble with registration, please email Alison at lassieleague1@yahoo.com and she will contact you to try and walk you through it.  Thank you for working through this process to register your players. 

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