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 Futhark Runes

Rune Symbol Rune Name Corresponding English Letter: Meaning Uses Element
Fehu Rune - Uses: invites wealth, fullfillment of goals Fehu F Wealth

Invites Wealth & Fulfillment of Goals

Uruz Rune - Uses: Invites creativity & wealth Uruz U Strength

Invites Creativity
& Wealth

Thurisaz Rune - Uses: invites strength for facing a tes, difficulty or powerful enemy Thurisaz TH Force, Giant

Invites Strength for facing a Test, Difficulty or Powerful Enemy

Ansuz Rune - Uses: Invites divine power, luck & inspiration Ansuz A God, Ancestor, Devine Breath

Invites Devine Power, Luck & Inspiration

Raido Rune - Uses: invites renewal, safe spiritual or physical journey Raido R Journey, Wheel

Invites Renewal & Safe Journey - Physical or Spiritual

Kenaz Rune - Uses: manifests character & personality Kenaz K, C or Q Torch, Fire, Light

Manifests Character & Personality

Gifu Rune - Uses: invites harmony, joy & generosity Gifu G Gift, Partnership

Invites Harmony, Joy & Generosity

Wunjo Rune - Uses: invites glory & wisdom Wunjo W or V Glory, Joy, Perfection, Wish

Invites Glory & Wisdom

Hagalaz Rune - Uses: carved into weapons of war Hagalaz H Hail, Weapon of War

Carved Into Weapons of War

Nauthiz Rune - Uses: invites destiny, accomplish the impossible Nauthiz N Need, Necessity

Invites Destiny, To Accomplish the Impossible

Isa Rune - Uses: inbites authority, power, a symbol of masculinity Isa I Ice, Power

Invites Authority& Power; Symbol of Masculinity

Jera Rune - Uses: invites long term success, luck, good for gardeners Jera Y or J Year, Harvest

Invites Long Term Success & Luck; Gardener's Rune

Eihwaz Rune - Uses: manifest your greatest potential Eihwaz EI, F, AE Yew Tree, Potential

Manifest Your Greatest Potential

Pertho Rune - Uses: invites birth of new, success in games of chance Pertho P Secrets, Chance

Invites Birth of New; Success in Games of Chance

Algiz Rune - Uses: invites protection, health & happiness Algiz Z or X Protection

Invites Protection, Health & Happiness

Sowulo Rune - Uses: invites salvation, spiritual protection, symbol of the sun Sowulo S Sun, Salvation

Invites Salvation, Spiritual Protection; Symbol of the Sun

Teiwaz Rune - Uses: inbites strength of purpose, will power & resolution of conflict Teiwaz T

Creator, Spear,
Tyr - The Norse God of Justice

Invites Strength of Purpose, Will Power & Resolution of Conflict

Berkana Rune - Uses: invites romance, healing & purification Berkana B Birch Tree, Beloved

Invites Romance, Healing & Protection

Ehwaz Rune - Uses: symbol of the bonds of friendship Ehwaz E Horse, Friendship

Symbol of The Bonds of Friendship

Mannaz Rune - Uses: invites self knowledge & manifests true self Mannaz M Mankind, Knowledge

Invites Self Knowledge & Manifests True Self

Laguz Rune - Uses: invites hope, symbol of the sustenance of life Laguz L Water, Lake

Invites Hope; Symbol of the Sustenance of Life

Inguz Rune - Uses: invites true love, friendship, & lasting relationships Inguz NG or ing Fertility, True Love

Invites True Love, Friendship & Lasting Partnerships

Othila Rune - Uses: strengthens family & partnerships Othila O Property, Homeland, Inheritance

Strengthens Family & Partnerships

Dagaz Rune - Uses: good luck charm, invites spiritual growth Dagaz D Day, Good Luck Good Luck Charm; Invites Spiritual Growth Fire / Air

Blank Rune
Odin's Rune   Unlimited Potential Unlimited Potential