System Requirements

MyKaryotes currently requires only that you are running a computer with Windows XP or later, and a display resolution of at least 1024x768.

Please note that MyKaryotes is a very computationally-heavy program, and should preferably be run on a relatively powerful machine. Thus, it is not recommended for users who have netbooks or low-end machines.

If you're interested in more specific system requirements inherited from Game Maker 8.1, you could probably look at this Wikipedia article.

There are no plans to bring the Game Maker-based version of MyKaryotes to other platforms (i.e., Mac, Android, HTML5, etc.). I plan on making the "sequel" in a different game library that is open-source, free, relatively easy to use, and cross-platform, with the goal of getting MyKaryotes as an app into the Ubuntu Software Center. :) The upcoming release will use PyGame.