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External Cell Editors

There are currently two external editors for MyKaryotes cells.
  • MyKaryotes Standard Cell Editor: This was the Cell Editor that was included with MyKaryotes up until Work In Progress version 8, then I took it out due to bugs and stuff. I have recently resumed development of this for MyKaryotes Beta 1 in terms of appearance and file compatibility, and it is now compatible with every version since Beta 3 but it probably still has a lot of issues. It's the "official" cell editor, but nothing special. The latest Stable and Development builds are available in the Downloads section.
  • MyKaryotes Gene Tweaker: This newer editor was forked by fellow YoYo Games user animal_addict from the Standard Cell Editor above before I updated it for the Beta. This Editor is also fully up-to-date and compatible with MyKaryotes Beta 1, 2 and 3, as I have been keeping in touch with animal_addict on new genome developments. You may want to give this one a shot if the other editor doesn't do it for you, as it comes with a different UI, additional bug fixes and many more features.


There is currently only one "zoo" for MyKaryotes specimens.
  • Zookaryotes: Your one-stop shop for any of the creations that fellow YoYo Games user SeirVed seems to keep churning out like there's no tomorrow. The Main Database section of his site holds .zip's of MyKaryote specimens from WIP version 8 onward, and also some stuff for the development versions of the game.

Extra Terrain

  • MarcoDBAA's map pack: Contains 17 extra terrain files for you to load and enjoy in MyKaryotes Beta 3. Many of these include small and large variations, which is a nice touch. (Credit to MarcoDBAA)

Other Artificial Life Projects

MyKaryotes will eventually become open-source once I have made the final release, which hopefully will be soon. In the meantime, users who might want to take a stab at creating their own artificial life projects (but not reinvent everything from scratch) may want to take a look at my open-source A-life tutorial, Lifebase. It's a stripped-down version of an older life simulation I made that eventually turned into MyKaryotes, and while the newer genetics system is not in place it still covers most of the other basics.

If you're interested in artificial life games in general, then I suggest you take a look at this article on Wikipedia.

Lastly, I think I should give credit to the Creatures series of artificial life simulation games that got me interested in this sort of thing in the first place.

If you have a project or website related to MyKaryotes that you would like me to share here, please leave me a comment on MyKaryotes' YoYo Games page or send me a message at that site. Alternatively, you can do the same at MyKaryotes' feed.