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Here are sites and interesting info that I have started using in my quest to master the chinese proficiency exam.

Check out my  website or a few of the others I listed to see some taiwanese and chinese movies to help immerse yourself in the language





Here are some pictures and other useful files that I've uploaded

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March 26, 2007


This is a list of 2500 most common chinese words, its good for if you perhaps want to make flashcards or cross off the words you already have learned

2500 Most Commonly Used Chinese Words

I registered for this site which costs around $20 but its a good free site that gives you flashcards and memory games that help you study chinese as well as having stroke order, definitions, and pinyin.


I just discovered this site today! Its extrememly useful, it has free lesson plans as well and sound to help you pronouce the words if you haven't mastered pinyin, it gives quite alot of information to you help you learn as well as sentences in mandarin, pinyin, and english.

Chinese Lessons

This is probably the official site for the HSK for all your HSK informational needs


This has useful chinese sites as well

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