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Here is a collection of poems that you have written. I am trying to gather all of them together, but I guess you will have to help me with this. 



I know I said I was going to move them later, but I did it now because I'm totally bored at the moment. 

Seasons of Love

Fall was where it started
Where the trees’ hairs changes colours
Our feet crunched on the sidewalk path
And we had a photo album of the different fallen leaves

Winter was where we were the happiest
Light know fell and angels sung at night
Candle lights flickered through the air
And you gave me my favourite cream sweater with long sleeves

Spring is where the thunder crashed
Rain constantly poured and we argued
But rain makes the flowers grow
And the sun shone through the window pane

Summer is where we said goodbye
For you had to go away for a few months
I said, “I’ll miss you.” And you said, “Me too.”
And I’ll wait until Fall, when you come back again.

For you

A special world for you and me
A special bond that none can see
The future that we both can share
Without you in it, I can’t bare
I’ll follow you wherever you go
And hold onto you and to show
That I hope you never fly away
For I love you till my dying day


My Story

Rain poured on her life everyday
Misery came more than she could say
She walked through school, no attention to any whim
Till one sudden day, she ran into him.

She didn’t think much, not more than a glance
For she knew in her head, she didn’t have a chance
But in her heart were feelings she couldn’t betray
In her mind, imagination just flew away

She wasn’t smart, not very witty
Very immature and definitely not pretty
Yet somehow, he still noticed her there
And this girls’ life now goes somewhere

Couldn’t find anything in the world to live for
Until this boy saved her from her shadow core
And guess whose story this was in a whirl
You were that boy and I was that girl.


Please, take me

I stand in my room alone
Staring at these four walls
Staring at nothingness
My body feeling so stiff and empty
I couldn’t move even if I wanted to
I stand here and think to myself
Where are you? Where did you do?
You seemed to have disappeared
Take me with you.
Please, take me to your wonderland
Take my hand and bring me to your heaven
Lead me to a place where it’s just you and me.
I feel so alone here
In my mind, I believe you will come and take me.
And I am so in love with the thought of loving you,
And maybe you’ll love me back
Drifting away ever so slowly, you are
I finally turn around and see the rain
Rolling down the window
And all I could think about was how much you loved the rain
And I remembered what you said to me that one rainy day,
“When it rains, think of me because when the sun shines, I’ll think of you.”
I knew you meant that
Because when the sun came out
I felt the warmth of your thoughts around me.
Knowing you will always be there when I need you.


You’re the one I dreamed about

It seemed like such a short time ago
And here we are again
We only have what seems like a few minutes
But the time is even shorter
That’s because time slows down and speeds up with you
Even within those few minutes, so many things happen

You took my hand and lead me through a forest
In the summer day
Sunlight shown through the leaves like stars shine in the night
Over a gravel path, we came to an open lake with a sandy beach.
The sun started to set on the lake
And both sparkled with delight.

And in his arms I stayed watching the sun sink lower
I broke away, and spun around in my sun dress
My feet played with the cool water
You followed me and we playfully splashed the water at each other

I started to run away but you grabbed my shoulder
Spun me around and slowly dipped me
Your eyes bore into mine and I melted
I felt exposed, he knew all of me
Still in your arms, you caressed my face
And I closed my eyes

Oh, how I didn’t want this to end
And your kiss, an everlasting kiss; something to always remember.
Night came and we danced in the moonlight
We lay on a rock, stargazing
And even when I looked into his eyes, I would see stars
Your eyes were so beautiful that I couldn’t look away.
With his warmth wrapped around me, I fell asleep

I woke up again in my bed and my heart sank.
I should’ve known it was all a dream
Because I have never met your before
But I do not worry
For I am sure we will meet one day, and again in my dream.

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