1st Anniversary!

I love you!

Chapter 1

  A Boring World 


Chapter 2

  The Beginning


Chapter 3

  The Rescuer Gets Rescued

I cant believe its been one whole year. It seems just like yesturday when I first added you on MSN from the group email sent out by Reiko for cosplay. I was trying out the new me, and it seems to have worked its charm on you. And then, the visit to Tanya. I fell in love with you then. And you developed a crush on me soon after. I hope this is the first of many anniversaries to come.

This gift that I had created for you is not the best. Its a work in progress. I really doubt the entire story will be finished before the anniversary, but then again, you can just keep on looking forward to more and more right? <3 I hope you like it!

Can't wait to see you in two weeks!

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